Copyright infringement is one of the most important elements in protection for rights owners: audiovisual content, live events, albums, etc. Over the last few months we have seen how subscription prices of streaming services (especially video and audio) have increased. Piracy levels decreased greatly with the arrival of these services but the rise in prices is generating an increase in piracy and copyright infringement in recent months.

Subscription prices rise… and piracy

The report “Online copyright infringement in the EU” was published a few days ago by the European Union Intellectual Property Office. A report that is published annually and analyzes the violation of rights to films, music, publications, software and television. These figures show the access to piracy as a concept to illicitly access these protected contents.

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The most important data show an average of 7 monthly accesses to pirated content. If we go back in history we see how in 2017 the figure was 11.5 and in 2021 we have the minimum number of accesses due to the arrival of streaming services with 5 accesses per month. Therefore, we have an increase of 3.3% in 2022 in relation to 2021 where an upward trend was already seen at the end of the year.

Regarding the form of access, 58% of piracy is practiced through streaming and 32% through downloads. If we analyze the type of pirated content we see how the The most pirated content is television content, carried out practically in continuous mode. If we look at movies, we see an increase of 17% compared to 2021. Music continues on a downward trend since 2017 where the main piracy method is recording.