The secret function of iPhones that few people know

This is the recognition of sounds from the device itself, with which you can know if there is a knock at the door, if your baby is crying or if the dog is simply barkingand your iPhone will notify you immediately.

Activate sound recognition

The usefulness of this tool will depend on the needs and type of person. Obviously, for a deaf person it is a very useful function because they will be able to know if there is a knock on the door or if an alarm has gone off simply thanks to their phone.

However, it is also very interesting for anyone else, since, for example, a baby crying in another room or a very soft doorbell may not be heard by someone who is sleeping, however, the iPhone will, and you will It will say it with a notification and personalized sound, which, being closer to you and being at a higher volume, you may hear and wake you up.

To activate it it is very simple, you will only have to lower your bar and look for the icon that you are seeing in the image above, press it and select what sounds you want your iPhone to detect, although if you want to do it with more options or it does not appear in your panel, you can go directly from Settings – Accessibility – Sound Recognition.

There you will see the multiple sounds that your phone can recognize, adjust each of them and change their notification tone, to know, without even looking at the phone, what is happening, or if you are not at home, know if someone knocked on the door, for example.

Among them we can choose to notify us among all of these that already have defaults:

  • Alarms
  • Animals (Cat and Dog)
  • Home appliances
  • Horn
  • Doorbell
  • Knock on the door (knock knock)
  • breaking glass
  • whistling teapot
  • flowing water
  • Crying baby
  • Cough
  • Screams

And furthermore, we can select a custom sound, that is, record what we want the iPhone to listen to and notify. So it is much more reliable, since a dog or a baby can be very different from each other, however, if we save the bark of our pet or directly the doorbell of our house, it will be much easier for the iPhone to recognize it.

iphone notification sounds

From there, every time your phone detects it, you will get a notificationwith or without sound, as you wish, and so you can know at what time of day there was a knock at the door or when your dog went crazy barking, among a thousand others that you can think of and customize yourself.

And you, did you know about this secret iPhone function? Have you ever tried it, or is it something you use regularly? Leave us a comment with your opinion, and if you have any suggestions or ideas that can help us all customize some type of useful sound, write it.