The secret that Apple did not want to reveal

New Apple products are coming, and we begin to learn details about them. While there are leaks and rumors every time Apple is working on a new product, in this case a mysterious item has been discovered in an Apple beta. If you want to know what it is, in this post we explain it to you.

Could be new hardware

The 9to5Mac portal has published exclusive information where they report that they have found a new element called “ComputeModule”. This was found in the iOS 16.4 developer image disk in Xcode 16.4, and the purpose of using this component is still unknown to us.

“Mac Pro, Reality Pro or something else?” they wonder. “It could be the missing piece in the plans for the modular Mac Pro, or it could be a processing unit for the Apple Reality Pro VR headset, or even a Reapberri Pi-like device.” “So far, there are three certainties about this module. The first of these is that it exists. The second is that this module is some kind of new device running iOS, or some variant. Third, there are two separate modules.” They add that it is not a single module, but two, and that these have the names of “ComputeModule13,1” and “ComputeModule13,3”.

It could be related to the Mac Pro and VR

The portal once again reveals a statement by Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, who said that the Mac Pro with Apple Silicon would arrive with the same exterior design as the 2019 Mac Pro. “The casing is huge, and the Apple Silicon being Any smaller will make a lot of free space in the case for additional components.” This is related to the fact that it could be the gateway to having a Mac Pro with Apple Silicon, also modular and expandable.

In fact, already in December 2022, the same portal published that Apple had canceled its M2 Extreme processor, but that Mac Pro would continue to be expandable for storage and RAM anyway. According to the information that Gurman gave at the time, M2 Extreme was going to have 48 CPU cores and 152 GPU cores. But the fact that Apple has canceled M2 Extreme, does not mean that the Mac Pro is not powerful, and the role that this “compute module” could play could be important. “Maybe the Mac Pro will support multiple computing modules”, continuing on the modular Mac Pro scene.

They also believe, from 9to5Mac, that it could be a new processor for the supposed Apple Reality Pro, the mixed reality viewer that Apple would be about to bring to light. Presumably, the Apple Reality Pro would come out with the integrated M2 chip. But it could be aseparate computing module” that can provide “the muscle to handle it”, they comment.

Apple VR concept

Thus, an item that appeared in the code of an Apple beta, still unknown, could bring several applications. Until a new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon is presented, we will not leave doubts. But it’s also important to pay attention to this year’s WWDC, where rumors indicate that Apple’s mixed reality headset will see the light of day, in principle and if the forecasts come true.