There are some side stripes drawn on the sides of our iPhone. They are not drawings, nor unions of their materials, but lines that have a function that until now we could not imagine. Apparently They are aesthetic and offer more elegance to the phone, but they are essential so that our device can function with full guarantee.

The side stripes of the iPhone have functions that are not aesthetic

As we can see, many devices have these side stripes on the phone. On the iPhone 14 and 15 they can be seen with the naked eye, and there are even models that represent from six to two stripes. Do these stripes have a function?

In reality, they are transmissions, so that there are no network connection problems. The company wanted to go much further and favor this transmission with these printed stripes. In this way there is a higher level of coverage between the internal and external part of the device.

When we want protect our cell phone with a case, You probably feel that the coverage works worse. The same happens when We take it with our hand and cover those lines, If you look at its coverage, it may change and drop in level.

The side stripes of the iPhone have a function that you did not imagineThe side stripes of the iPhone have a function that you did not imagine

Why were these lines created?

These lines guarantee a better antenna signal to cover the wide coverage radius. Wave receivers need an extra to communicate better. With the launch of the iPhone 4, failures in its coverage or connection were already noticeable, causing significant problems in what was really needed.

Many mobiles They depended on a foldable extendable antenna or a type of outdoor antenna that would guarantee such coverage. To solve this problem, attempts are made to create more minimalist designs that offer better communication, such as the side stripes on iPhone devices.