Apple’s latest phone device, the iPhone 14, the latest model, the one that will probably be the star of gifts this Christmas, is in danger of being found in stores in the coming dates. Apparently COVID-19 continues to cause headaches. Although it is true that the limitations and restrictions seem to have disappeared, the virus continues to circulate and now that it is colder and people are less on the street, new and numerous cases are emerging. Because of these outbreaks, the factories responsible for producing the latest model close and iPhone stock is in jeopardy.

Apple warns and we already know what happens when someone warns and especially this company. If Apple is characterized by something, it is by knowing how to judge very well what can happen in the short and medium term. We already saw it when it closed the stores in anticipation of avoiding contagion and soon half the world was closed. Now, in a statement released by the company, it warns of the low production capacity of the Chinese iPhone 14 factories in its Pro and Pro Max models, due to their closures. because of the Coronavirus.

Apple said that the COVID-19 restrictions applied in ua facility in ZhengzhouChina, have affected the production of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This puts the Stock of phones in danger and that means that if you want to get a model now, you may get it, but in a couple of weeks there may no longer be the ability to deliver directly and the waiting lists will increase. . That is why if you want and plan to buy or give away any of these models, It is not bad that you buy it now, taking into account that the guarantee and return in Apple extends from now until the end of January.

However, the company is doing everything possible so that stock breakage does not occur while taking care of the health of the workers. We will be attentive to see how the subject evolves and we will see if it is noticed in the stores.