Apple took a step forward last year with the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, eliminating the 128 GB option, making the 256 GB storage the most basic model. In the case of the iPhone 15 Pro, the lowest and initial storage in its model remained 128 GB. This could change on the iPhone 16 Pro since Apple could remove 128GB storage, Starting both the iPhone 16 Pro and the Pro Max at 256 GB, decent storage considering the arrival of space videos for the Apple Vision Pro, among other things.

Apple will say goodbye to the 128 GB of storage on the iPhone 16 Pro

The iPhone 16 is generating a lot of expectation among all of us who follow Apple's day-to-day life. Apparently, these new iPhones will incorporate design modifications with screen increases, modifications to the front frames, changes to the rear camera module, as well as new hardware features with an important appearance of artificial intelligence within its components. helped by iOS 18.

iPhone 16

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The iPhone 16 Pro will be available in four colors: space black, white, gray and pink

A new rumor from TheMacObserver indicates that Apple will remove the most basic 128 GB storage option on the iPhone 16 Pro, thus matching the iPhone 16 Pro Max, which would have 256 GB of storage as the most basic version, as is currently the case with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Some experts assure that this change is based above all on the change that Apple will introduce with the change to four-level cell NAND flash memory which will allow iPhones to adopt more storage in a smaller space and at a more competitive price than with current technology.

Also remember that the iPhone 16 Pro is expected to come with a 6.27-inch screen, and the Pro Max with a 6.86-inch screen, larger screens than its predecessors. This increase in screen will allow Apple increase the size inside the iPhone and be able to modify the battery, and introduce new components in a larger space than in the iPhone 15.