The surprise, another one, that Apple is preparing for its next event

This year’s WWDC is practically everywhere and the truth is that it is not for less since according to the rumors that are being known, it aims to be one of the most incredible Keynotes in history, both for the number of things presented and for the relevance of them. Well, beware, Apple could have one more surprise to those we already knew. Keep reading that we tell you.

If all the rumors that are coming out these days end up coming true, The next WWDC that is just around the corner is going to be a tough event for Apple to beat., and it is that the large number of novelties that, in theory, are going to be presented are going to leave all users with their mouths open. The main thing in this type of Keynote, which is obviously focused on developers, is the new operating systems, however, this time everything indicates that these will be overshadowed by the products that Apple plans to launch during the event.

Initially, only the presentation of what will be, with total security, the star of the Keynote was expected, the mixed reality glasses, and it is that in the end it is a new product that Apple introduces into its catalog, in addition to because the expectation that it raises is very great. However, over time, the glasses have been joined by a new MacBook Air, specifically the 15-inch MacBook Airalso another unprecedented product in the history of Apple.

The 15-inch MacBook Air won’t come alone

Well, the rumors do not stop surfacing, and if it already seemed really enough to have a Keynote with new operating systems, the new mixed reality glasses and a new 15-inch MacBook Air, now it seems that we must add others two new computers that will come “keeping company” with the 15-inch Air.

The latest news indicates that Apple will take the opportunity to renew two of its current Mac models, specifically the 13-inch MacBook Air and also him 13-inch MacBook Pro. The truth is that it is surprising news, since with this information it is most likely that Cupertino will introduce the M3 chip, this being the novelty that these last two devices will have. However, the renewal of the M3 It was not expected for this month of June, but for the end of 2023, complying with the times that the Cupertino company has followed so far with its processors.

macbook air

However, as we always say from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, it is nothing more than rumors, so you have to take everything with tweezers waiting for new news about the possible presentation of these two new models and about whether finally Apple decides to introduce, ahead of time, the M3 processor into its computers. Be that as it may, every day we are closer to knowing Apple’s final decision, and that is that time is passing and WWDC 2023 is just around the corner.