The surprise of iOS 17 that will enhance your iPhone to the maximum

The new version of iOS 17 for the iPhone has brought numerous functions that Apple has officially mentioned, either through press releases or through the September presentation. However, there are other functions that have gone more unnoticed, which have been introduced in a more silent way. So in this post we are going to present you a very useful trick that will help you greatly enhance your iPhone’s internet connection.

The iPhone’s connectivity is not just from the outside in. It also involves what the iPhone can transmit to the outside. The best example of this is the Personal Hotspot feature. This allows us to connect other devices with our phone, to share our mobile data coverage. But, however, the novelty is that now this function has been improved, and now it will be more compatible and versatile.

Share the internet only with whoever you want

Beyond the Wi-Fi password itself necessary to access our iPhone network, we have a new way to control who can access our network. And not only that, but now that access can also be much more immediate thanks to the Apple ID and the iCloud Family function. How do the two come together?

When we create our family group in Apple ID, we have a series of accesses to different privileges in terms of sharing content, locations, and more. But now, interaction with our group members’ devices is deeper and more immediate.

When we want to turn on our personal hotspot on the iPhone, if we have members in the family group, and they are close to us, their iPhones can automatically connect to our network, without having to enter the password. This is possible if we, from our phone, assign that the members of our group linked to the Apple ID do not require permissions to connect.

To do this you have to go to Settings > Personal hotspot. Now in this option we have a new section called In family. When we click on it, we will see a switch called Family Sharing. When we have this activated, we will see the people in our group. We will be able to select who we want, and we select Automatic, for the connection mode.

Maximize compatibility

There is another additional function, within the Personal Access Point section that allows us to expand compatibility with the different devices that we want to connect. We gain flexibility, since now we will be able to connect devices that perhaps were not compatible before with the level of security that our iPhone creates.

iphone 15 plus

Of course, being able to connect more devices, since it changes security, also implies the possibility that the Internet connection will be slowed down depending on the occasions, since the data transmission system will not be the same. However, it is not necessary to maximize the compatibility of our connection network. We will be able to make the same use as until now, with the same ease.

This option only requires a switch to activate, and is located just below the new Family Sharing option, in the same Settings > Personal access point section.