The three best iPhone apps for your brain

The iPhone is an incredible device that has functions and applications that have completely changed the way we work and communicate on a day-to-day basis. However, there are users who consider that the iPhone is also of vital importance in improving the processes of memory and cognitive learning. For this reason, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, we have recapitulated three applications awesome for it.


It is an application of brain training very popular and highly valued that has been developed by neuroscientists. Your goal is improve cognitive skills such as memory, attention, mental flexibility and processing speed. Let’s see some of his characteristics:

  • Personalization: Lumosity offers a personalized training program based on your goals, skills and priorities to work on. The application creates a personalized plan based on the type of users that adapts to your specific objectives that you are looking for.
  • Variety of workouts: The application has more than 40 games developed with experts in neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Furthermore, it constantly adds new games to keep users engaged and ensure effective training.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of progress: the app provides tools to track your progress and compare your results with other users.
Lumosity - Brain Trainer
Lumosity - Brain Trainer

CogniFit Brain Fitness


It is an application that has a great rating on the App Store. In addition, it has been developed by professionals in the field of neuropsychology and is designed to improve skills cognitive such as memory, concentration and attention. Next, we will see some characteristics:

  • Personalized for you: Cognifit offers a personalized training program based on your goals, abilities and preferences. The application evaluates your cognitive habilyties and create a training plan tailored to your specific needs. In addition, it offers constant data so that you know how to track your progress and see how colleagues who have spent the same period of time as you have evolved.
  • Wide variety of games: The app has a wide range of more than 30 different games that are constantly updated, ensuring a complete and balanced workout always based on your goals.
  • Research and scientific support: Under the same formula as the previous app, the CogniFit app is backed by research in the field of neuropsychology and cognitive psychology, ensuring that games and activities seek effectiveness and improvement based on science. The company collaborates with subject matter experts to ensure games and activities are effective and science-based.
CogniFit - Quiz and Games
CogniFit - Quiz and Games

Elevate-Brain Training


Finally, we cannot forget the Elevate application, an application that has received numerous awards for its effectiveness. The app is designed to improve cognitive habilyties such as reading, writing, mathematics and concentration. Let’s see now your characteristics:

  • Personalization: Elevate analyzes your abilities and creates a personalized training plan based on your goals and preferences. The app adapts as you progress and adjusts the challenges to keep them relevant and effective. In addition, it also includes a wide variety of challenges for you to compete against your own brain, constantly improving regardless of your starting skill level.
  • Wide variety of games: Elevate continues the same idea of ​​the apps mentioned above, which address different cognitive abilities and focus on practical skills applicable to daily life, such as reading, writing, math and communication skills.
  • Research and evaluation: the app provides tools to track your progress and compare your results with other users. To all this, all activities include the approval of expert scientists in neuroscience, cognitive psychology and education.
Elevate - Brain Training
Elevate - Brain Training