The three best series of Apple TV + that you have to see

Yeah, for action lovers

See was one of the beings that came out at the time of the launch of the Apple TV+ platform, and that had Jason Momoa (Baba Voos) as the main cast as the main character and that took place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity had lost the ability to see.

In this context, his stepsons they are born with the ability to see what a crime of death entails. For this, the witch hunter (Christian Camargo) and the queen kane (Sylvia Hoeks) allocate all the necessary resources to find children who have this important meaning. Little by little, See’s universe is gaining in breadth, enjoying other existing kingdoms, as well as knowing aspects pasts of the life of Jason Momoa as his brother, played by Dave Batista (Edo Voos), featuring one of the most epic battles in recent years.

The series, beyond the script, has received very good positive reviews for his innovative approach to depicting a world filled with blind and visually impaired characters in key roles.

See 2x02

See, whose director is the creator of the hunger gameshas concluded after a total of three seasons of pure action, love, courage and constant struggle, it is an ideal series for those fans of this theme.

Defending Jacob, a plot without limits

It is a series of legal drama and mystery Based on the novel by William Landay. The plot revolves around the barber family in a small town in Massachusetts. The father, Andy Barber (Chris Evans), is an assistant district attorney and the mother, Laurie Barber (Michelle Dockery), is a teacher.

defend jacob series apple tv+

His quiet life is shaken up when his 14 year old son Jacob (Jaeden Martell), is accused of murder. The series follows the family as they struggle to defend to Jacob, while facing the possibility that he might actually be guilty by the evidence, more and more conclusive, as well as the crisis or the lie of his marriage. Finally, the series has two amazing performances as are the roles carried out by Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery, giving a level of quality to their performances.

The Morning Show, the women’s struggle

Finally, we cannot ignore the series The Morning Show, one of the most awarded from its platform and starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. The plot follows Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston), a co-host of a popular fictional morning news show called “The Morning Show,” who fights for hold your ground after his co-anchor of many years, Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), is fired over allegations of poor sexual conduct. Meanwhile, an ambitious and passionate reporter named Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) arrives on the scene and is soon caught up in the media storm surrounding the show.

the morning show 2x09

The series addresses a number of unfortunately very common topics today, such as power, the media, gender politics, and sexual misconduct in the workplace and the constant overcoming of women in a world dominated by men.