The top three Apple TV+ movies you have to watch

The Banker

One of the best movies in the AppleTV+ catalog and that has generated less recognition is The Bankerwhich tells the story of two African-American businessmen, Bernard Garrett (played by Anthony Mackie) and Joe Morris (played by Samuel L. Jackson).

The story, set in the 60s of the last century, whose protagonists devised a bold plan to fight the racial segregation which was still rampant in the United States. Due to the racist and discriminatory laws of the time, African Americans were often denied the opportunity to obtain loans and buy property.

To overcome this, Garrett and Morris recruit a white worker named Matt Steiner (played by Nicholas Hoult), they teach him to act as the public face of his company, while the two of them secretly operate as his silent employers. Together, they achieve buy banks and propertiesand finally provide loans to the black community at a time when few would.


The story, loaded with moments of humor (like the golf game), he does not forget for a moment that a racist society prevented people of color from leading a dignified life. Hence, the importance of both people who fought against racial bias and provoked one of the legal changes at the most important racial level in history.


Secondly, we highlight Palmer’s film, which tells the story of an ex college football player who returns to his hometown after spending time in prison.


Eddie (Justin Timberlake) tries rebuild your life, find a job and avoid falling into the old patterns that landed him in prison. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself taking care of Sam, a troubled seven-year-old boy. Little by little, Eddie forms a amazing bond with Sam, who prefers dolls to trucks and princesses to pirates, defying the traditional gender norms of her small southern town. Progressively, both enter into a symbiosis statesince both contribute to each other, causing growth and changes in the way of understanding the world.


We cannot end this session without mentioning Macbeth’s tragedya film that has received Numerous awardsabove all Denzel Washingtonwho has been nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe Award, a Film Critics Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor.


The story, attributed to shakespeareis based on the historical figure named Macbeth, who was king of scots between the years 1040 and 1057. Five centuries later, Apple has returned to bring history to the big screen, where it tells the life of Macbeth, a nobleman who, convinced by three witchesbelieves that he is destined to be the king of Scotland.

Helped by his ambitious wife (Frances McDormand), he will try to seize the crown in any way, so it is involved in numerous murders, tragedies and attacks.


The story, apart from having a cast of historical actors and Shakespeare’s pen, presents a exquisite production of dark tones and with a great constant fog that submerges the viewer from the first moment.