The trick to download applications that are no longer in the App Store

From time to time applications are removed from the App Store. Well, because they have become obsolete, either because the developers have discontinued the project, or because of security breaches and renewed versions have been released, etc. These are apparently impossible to download again. However, here we are going to give you a trick that can be very useful to recover applications from the past.

How to download apps that no longer exist on the App Store

Retired apps cannot be downloaded from the “visible” part of the App Store. However, in all iOS and iPadOS versions we have a Shopping history. In this list, each and every one of the applications that we have purchased or downloaded appear and these, under certain circumstances, can be downloaded again. Even those that have already been withdrawn.

Keep in mind that depending on your device, some apps will not be able to be downloaded. This is due to cross-architecture compatibility. There are, then, applications that were conceived at the time for environments with 32-bit (up to the Apple A6 Chip, and today we are already going for the A15). And you have to know that, as of iOS 11, 32-bit applications can no longer be run, so if you have a device with iOS 11 or higher, these specific applications will not be able to be downloaded.

If you want to run very old applications (Do you remember Flappy Bird or the first Angry Birds?) you will be able to do it on devices that have iOS 10, or have older processors. Only on devices that meet these two requirements will you be able to re-download and run 32-bit apps that no longer exist officially.

app withdrawn app store

Yes you can download retired 64-bit apps

In modern devices, things change. If you have downloaded applications compatible with 64-bit architectureand these have been withdrawn, from the section of your purchase history you will be able to download them again.

However, you have to know another detail: when you are viewing your purchase history, you can access the application page to consult it. When we click on an app from the list, we have to open the typical page of the app. However, you will know that the app has been removed when, if you click on the app, an error message appears saying that it is “Unable to connect to the App Store.”

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So, despite the fact that this error message appears, you can download the app by clicking on the cloud icon with the arrow that appears next to it. Then the app starts downloading and you can get it working. Also keep in mind that since they are old apps, they are most likely not optimized for larger screen sizes and, therefore, we will see black borders on the sides. So rest assured: this is not a bug. It is a necessary procedure to ensure the proper functioning of the app.