The two best accessories for your iPad, now at a discount

The iPad is one of the most versatile devices that Apple has within its entire catalog, however, in order to reach its full potential it is practically essential to surround it with the best possible accessories, therefore, in this post we want to give you the opportunity to save yourself a good chunk of money on the two best Apple gadgets to go along with your iPad.

Apple has always bet very strongly on the iPad as the device that could replace the traditional computer in the case of many users and the truth is that little by little it is being able to achieve it, a good proof of this is the arrival of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to the iPad. However, as we said before, in order to achieve this, it is true that users have to spend a lot of money, since it is not only useful to buy an iPad, but you have to be able to surround it with accessories that are really going to help you. allow you to transform it into your work tool, and for this Apple has two of the best gadgets that can be on the market.

Magic Keyboard

The main device that any user who has an iPad has to have to to be able to “convert” it into a computer It’s a good keyboard, and Apple has the Magic Keyboard, which is certainly capable of everything you could ask for in a keyboard. Aesthetically It is capable of making anyone who sees their iPad fall in love with it, and if Apple does something perfectly, it is taking care of the design of its products. The touch that it provides by leaving the iPad “hanging” makes it different, and this undoubtedly adds to the fact that users bet on it.

iPad Air + iPhone

Another differential element is its trackpad, which allows you to move around the device with the same ease and inertia as if you had a computer, adding to that positive experience that users seek when using the iPad as their main device. That said, the price of the Magic Keyboard is not cheap at all, but thanks to MediaMarkt you can take it with a great discount, reducing its price from 429 euros to 399 euros.

2nd generation Apple Pencil

When comparing the iPad with a computer, one of the differential elements that play in its favor is that it has a touch screenand that not only allows users to interact with their hands, but also with one of the best accessories that Apple has for the iPad, the Apple Pencil, in this case 2nd generation.

iPad Air

This accessory is key and differential for many people, and it is for different reasons. With iPad you can not only have a great productivity kit, but also that canvas for draw or that notebook to aim all you want, thanks also to the wide variety of applications available in the App Store. In addition, it is also perfect for those tasks in which you require extra precision, such as photo editing. Well, now you can save some money and buy it at MediaMarkt for 142 euros.