The ultimate accessory for carrying your iPhone in the car

Although we must bear in mind that using the mobile phone in the car is totally prohibited, having a good support is a great option to be able to view applications such as Google maps or Apple Maps and take us to the right place. For this reason, in this post we are going to see a magnetic support that allows us to use our iPhone and not lose sight on the road due to its multiple positioning capacity.

Sene 720º gyrator base

This magnetic holder for your iPhone is built in high quality silicone and great alloy quality. In turn, it is available in Two colors, black and silver, with a total weight of 70 grams. The size of this bracket is 1.97×1.1×0.67 inches. Despite its tiny size, it is adjustable, occupying a very portable, foldable and above all magnetic space. Even if you place the accessory in different parts of the car, you will not notice traces of glue.

The device generates a magnetic field due to the 6 magnets that it has inside to have an optimal hold with the iPhone. Said field does not affect the signal of your phone at all, so you can receive calls and messages at any time and be able to use the device normally. Continuing with its magnetic field, it makes it adjustable anywhere in our vehicle regardless of whether it is glass or car dashboard, as well as curved surface.

The Sene brand accessory can support all Apple devices, regardless of its size and weight because it has a holding capacity of 400 grams. In addition, it is compatible with all devices that are less than 7 inches, so even the Pro Max models are suitable for this type of device.



It is impossible to find the ideal accessory for your iPhone, due to the multitude of gadgets that exist today, where all have strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, this accessory also has the strengths that we have mentioned above, but also with some defects that may cause many users to prefer other alternatives even if they have to pay a little more.


One of the main disadvantages of this accessory is that it does not have wireless charging, but it makes up for it due to the ease of connecting the charging cable to the device and the possibility of being able to place it anywhere in the car, it makes up for this deficiency quite well. A second disadvantage is that It is not developed exclusively for iOS devices, but it is available for all models that meet the mentioned characteristics, they do not have the tuning that the devices developed exclusively for the Cupertino company have.

Adapter with a cigarette lighter charger

To complete this ideal accessory, you can charge your iPhone using a cigarette lighter adapter, especially if you have a vehicle that is a few years old, since the new models include a USB-C cable.

In the event that you need a cigarette lighter adapter, all of them have a USB input adapter and some of them have a USB-C adapter. With which, we will be able to charge our battery and thus not have to worry about the battery running out, while we are running a route on the GPS.

Leave us in the comments which is the ideal support for your iPhone in the car.