The United States destroys the dream of the Apple Watch with a glucose meter

One of the most talked about rumors about the Apple Watch is that, in future generations, we were going to see a glucose meter. Well now, it seems that is not going to be the case, according to a statement released by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And what has been announced is going to have not only a direct impact on Apple, but also on many other large technology companies. Because the conclusion is clear: they do not approve. We tell you the details!

Apple, like any company that operates in the United States, has to be under the approval of different regulatory bodies when launching its products. In the field of public health, the FDA is the body that provides guidelines, recommendations and instructions to the public. It is, therefore, an official institution.

It was the English-speaking news outlet 9to5Mac that echoed the statement issued by this organization. And regarding glucose measurement in technology devices, they are very clear: They are imprecise, they completely discourage the public from doing so, and they do not certify any product as valid for these measurements to be carried out.

FDA says not to trust glucose measurements

According to what they explain from 9to5Mac, “the FDA explains that it has never certified any device that is capable of measuring blood glucose without having to pierce the skin.” The fact that the skin is not pierced to take a blood sample and then analyze glucosecauses these readings to give rise to “inaccurate measurements”they report.

Having incorrect measurements regarding glucose levels can lead to incorrect medication intake that, in the case of diseases such as diabetes, can have fatal results, as announced in the statement. It is for this reason, to avoid scenarios such as taking medications in the wrong way or performing self-diagnoses, that They say that you should not trust these types of devices that carry out measurements like these.

The dream of the Apple Watch with a glucose meter

From 9to5Mac they also talk about the future that can await Apple after the statement issued by the entity. They explain that “Given the importance of this measure, it seems unlikely that Apple would carry out this feature without FDA approval.”

Apple wants to be able to measure blood glucose through the Apple Watch. Numerous advances and patents are headed in this direction. One of the most talked about in recent times has been using laser emissions that impact the blood, through the skin. Explained very briefly, these rays are absorbed by blood glucose, and then the watch is able to detect these points of light in order to measure glucose.

However, one thing is the progress that may be being made, and quite another is that it ends up obtaining approval from regulatory entities, allowing Apple to bring this technology to the market in the near future. .

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