The United States is going after Huawei again with Apple in the middle

One of the first measures that former United States President Donald Trump took when he landed at the White House was to include the Chinese company Huawei on the blacklist of United States companies, which meant that American companies could sell, share technology or reach development agreements with the Asian dragon. As you already know, the consequences of such a decision were terrible for Huawei, causing its complete disappearance from markets around the world and a clear situation of technical bankruptcy. Now, it seems that Huawei is little by little coming out of the tunnel and the United States is not going to allow that under any circumstances. You want to know more? Keep reading as we tell you everything.

Five years ago, things looked very bad for Huawei

Approximately five years ago, the aforementioned measures by the Trump administration practically left Huawei mortally wounded, because at this time it was without a place, one of the companies that sold the most in the world and was eating part of Apple’s cake.

With the measures taken by the US, Huawei practically disappeared from all countries, except China, where five years later it seems that the Chinese firm is beginning to come into its own and even more so with the launch of the latest generation, that is, the P60 series. Thanks to this product, Huawei is increasingly important in the market and is proving to be capable of resisting the American economic and technological yoke with launches such as Huawei Mate 60 Pro, Huawei Mate 60 Plus and a folding phone called Mate XM5.

Huawei has been able to grow from your own technologies Regardless of the commercial and technological embargo and, without having the economic or financial power of five years ago, the company has completely transformed itself by developing its own cutting-edge technologies, developing its own operating system and reaching agreements with other Chinese companies to develop their own microprocessors. .

More fuel to the fire

We could say without fear of being wrong that practically everyone has been caught by surprise by the launch of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro, with certain technology that they do not really know how they came to it, because they are technology with high added value and they fear that , either they have skipped the controls or they have been able to develop it natively.

For this reason, Gina Raimondo, US Secretary of Commerce, has made some statements that are quite worrying. «Huawei and SMIC’s advances with the Kiri 9000S are incredibly disturbing. We need different tools, we need additional resources around law enforcement. Introduce tougher sanctions, below 14 nm chips, more than 127 capable of NAND Flash memory, or DRAM at less than 18 nm »

What do you mean this? Very simple, they seek to sanction Chinese companies, suffocate all Chinese technological potential because they are basically finding a way to prospect even with United States sanctions. Specifically, the SeaGate company has received a fine of 300 million euros for trading and selling its hard drives to Huawei. In other words, they are taking dissuasive measures and policies so that no company is tempted to enter into agreements and market with them.