There are many unknowns surrounding the Apple Vision Pro that can only be resolved by using the device once it is in the hands of users. Starting today, Apple's new virtual reality glasses will begin to reach buyers and we will begin to see the first reviews from independent users. One of the surprising aspects is that Apple Vision Pros do not accept different user accounts. Therefore, the use by a non-owner person will have to be through Guest mode, a decaffeinated mode that does not store any type of information and that may not be enough for a $3,500 product.

Vision Pro: $3,500 to be used by one user

Apple has confirmed that the virtual reality glasses, the Vision Pro, are designed for individualized and personalized use. In fact, those users who use glasses with different prescriptions can apply lenses to guarantee correct vision. This prevents or makes it difficult for a person to try the glasses when they are not yours, unlike when we test a device like a MacBook or an iPhone.

Apple Vision Pro

However, at WWDC23 and these past few months we have verified that there is a Guest Mode for those curious people who want to see what the Vision Pro works like inside. Apple has created this mode with the objective of “sharing specific apps and experiences with family and friends” and not so much that there is a second user That is why there is no user account compatibility.

Double tap Apple Watch and Vision Pro

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The guest mode It does not allow storing any type of configuration or information, including pre-boot calibration data of the device. Therefore, when the same user or another wants to access this guest mode they will have to restart the process. Besides, the mode limits some applications and settings, many of them protected with the owner's face, so a period of “x” minutes without protections will be applied to guarantee the correct testing of the device.