The Vision Pro look more like an iPad than a computer and I'll show you in three minutes

We have more and more reviews and analyzes of the new Vision Pro, where we find from users that it seems like a revolution similar to the one that took place with the launch of the first generation iPhone, while others consider that it is a fantastic product, but It is not the product that allows them to improve their daily lives or be able to integrate it into their workflow. Therefore, in this post, without being haters or fanboys, we are going to analyze in depth what you can do with them and why they are a revolutionary product, even if they are not for you.

External monitor for everything and your daily life

One of the utilities that we can extract the most performance from users is that it is a portable external monitor, that is, a monitor that we can use to work with it daily and with a very interesting screen size.

The problem is that we can only use one screen as a monitor, being one of the points to improve in this first generation. However, if we analyze Apple's approach, it makes sense that this is the case, because we can create a monitor of the size we want and have the sides for other windows.

Vision Pro front view

Regarding its fluidity, it is true that the tests carried out show that you do not have the same fluidity that you have with a 4K monitor, that is, the contents of my Samsung M8 or on Apple's Studio Display. This problem is completely normal, because we are dealing with a product that generates virtual and not physical content, as if monitors have it. Of course, the sensation of moving the Mouse through the Vision Pro interface is quite fluid.

The presence of an external monitor is only for your workspace, but it also serves to be able to work throughout your home or anywhere such as the office or if you work in a coworking room.


Vision Pro. Side view

One of the problems we have with laptops with monitors that are very large is that we cannot work with two or more applications because due to space issues we cannot view the content well.

The possibility of having different windows allows us to work and be more productive, especially if we are working with audiovisual content or we are reviewing a series of projects and you want to have business chat always activated.

To some extent this feature is amazing. However, the problem comes in that there are very few applications to work with. For example, applications like Figma is not available, Slack is not available and surely other applications that require a lot of processing will never be in this type of applications, not because of the lack of performance of their Silicon, but because of the complexity that has to be learn to use them in a completely new interaction environment.

On the other hand, where it is a revolution is in video calls, since we can use an avatar with FaceTime with very reliable and expressive facial expressions.


In short, this product is a kind of computing iPad because it has the same productivity problems as the iPad, such as the lack of professional applications, but with the possibility of having a larger screen and different windows. It is true that this is a first version and it will surely improve with the updates that will arrive in the coming months. Apple, as happened with the Apple Watch, will need several generations to polish this device, although no one has any doubt that this product will be a new reference in the computing market.