The way to buy at Apple that you did not know, and that you will love

The Cupertino company is always working to ensure that the experiences they provide to users are fantastic in all aspects. From the first moment that a person has contact with the brand, until he ends up buying the device and, of course, using it. So much so, that there is a way to buy in the Apple Store that will blow your mind. We tell you about it in this post.

Both Apple and the rest of the companies and brands try to ensure that each time users have more facilities to buy productsboth through online commerce with applications or practically instantaneous payment methods as well as through the different physical stores that you can find.

In fact, the Cupertino company has already you don’t even have to carry money with you and neither does your credit card, since with Apple Pay you can pay without problems with your iPhone or Apple Watch. Also, even if you are making an online purchase with your Mac, and it has Touch ID, in case you have Apple Pay configured on said computer, you will only have to put your fingerprint to pay for the product you are going to buy.

A unique way to shop at the Apple Store

All these facilities have not seemed sufficient to Apple and they have decided to go one step further. In this case we have to talk about the way that the Cupertino company has created so that those people who want to buy an accessory at a physical Apple Storethey can do so without having to come into contact with any of the workers of the establishment itself.

In this way, when a user enters an Apple Store, the iPhone itself detects which one it is in, then you can choose the accessory or product you want, enter the Apple Store app that you have to have installed on your iPhone and select the option that will appear on the screen to pay for a product. Once you have followed these steps, all you have to do is scan the barcode of said product so that the payment screen with Apple Pay will automatically appear. Once you have paid for the product, you will be able to leave the store with it without problems.

scan barcode

This is an incredible way to be able to buy different accessories within the Apple Store, since this way you don’t have to wait for one of the Apple Store workers to assist you, you enter, choose what you want, pay for it and go with it without any problem. Of course, if you have doubts about the purchase you are going to make, from the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida we advise you that it is better to wait and be advised by one of the Geniuses (name by which the workers of an Apple Store), since they will be able to give you advice and guide you on which of the options you have in mind is the most appropriate based on your tastes and needs.