The worst news for the iPhone 15 is confirmed

The first months of rumors about the new iPhone are always really encouraging, giving users many new features and changes that, of course, raise the anticipation of seeing the new product. However, as the time of the presentation approaches, many of these news are being denied, and that is exactly what has happened with the iPhone 15. Keep reading that we will tell you everything in this post.

Despite the fact that we are still in the month of May, the details and new features that the next iPhone 15 will have are practically out in the open, now, there is one of them that seems to not finally reach the iPhone, at least not in this generation. As we have commented before, something that tends to happen a lot with rumors about new devices is that they are always very positive, that is, that the market trend and the leaks always tend to reveal more than what really is. then it ends up coming to the iPhone.

Final goodbye to solid-state buttons for the iPhone 15 Pro

One of the great novelties that the iPhone 15 was going to incorporate, specifically the Pro models, is that the buttons of both the 6.1-inch model and the 6.7-inch model were going to disappear as we know them so far. Apple intended to replace them with haptic zones, also called solid-state buttons. These have the characteristic that they are not really buttons as such, but have a haptic engine that simulates the sensation of a button, just as it happens with Touch ID in the latest models that have it, which is not really a button as if it were before, but it is a haptic zone that produces a sensation practically identical to that of a button.

This was something that was practically confirmed that it was going to reach the iPhone 15 Pro, however, for a few weeks its feasibility has been questioned due to the fact that Cupertino is not very happy with the tests that were carried out at the first prototypes, causing the new rumor about the iPhone buttons to be just the opposite, that they remain as they have been for at least one more year.

iPhone 15 Pro buttons

To further confirm this theory, we have the letter that Cirrus Logic has sent to its shareholders. Apple is the largest client of this company, representing 79% of revenue in 2022, and specifically, it is in charge of providing those haptic engines that we have just told you about and that are in charge of the haptic areas of the iPhone providing that button feel. Well, in said letter that Cirrus Logic has sent to its shareholders, it confirms that one of the new products that were going to be supplied with said haptic controllers will no longer be a reality, at least not this year, leaving the door wide open for Yes, it will be carried out in the next generation. Without a doubt, this is the last straw, confirming practically 100% that the next iPhone 15 Pro will not have the long-awaited haptic buttons.