The year 2025 would be a real change for the Apple Watch for this reason

As is customary, the renowned analyst launches some predictions about different Apple products and services on his personal blog. This time it was the turn of the Apple Watch, and in this post, in addition to the differential factor of 2025, we are also going to tell you all the data that he has shared on his network.

The Apple Watch screen, the big change

Apple Watch screens have improved over the years. We have gone on to have larger sizes, different dial shapes and, in the case of the Apple Watch Ultra, the largest and brightest screens we have seen on a watch so far. Now, this significant change that could come in the year 2025, which Kuo talks about, is about the technology that it would mount.

And, as the analyst has published «the new Apple Watch of 2025 would be using MicroLED». For the first time we would see Apple watches with this screen technology, since they currently have LCD and OLED technologies.

Looking ahead to the watches that launch next year, Kuo doesn’t expect them to adopt Micro LED (yet). But in the same way that he talks about 2024 and 2025, he also predicts about 2026: “I wouldn’t be surprised if this is postponed to 2026,” in reference to the arrival of this new technology in watches.

Jugs of cold water

We have known the data of Micro LED screens. But also, the analyst reveals some data that is, rather, a bucket of cold water, both for the Apple Watch itself and for users.

Facing Apple. “Apple Watch shipments in 2023 are expected to have a 15% drop, reaching 36-38 million units.” Regarding users, he states that “the new Apple Watch of 2024 will not have significant innovations.”

To this last piece of information we must add another one that speaks of a sensor that is highly anticipated. “Blood glucose monitoring will not take place in 2024, and possibly not in 2025 either.”

Apple Watch and Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro, despite being an emerging platform that has not yet been launched to a mass audience and that, in its first batch will arrive in dribs and drabs and only in the United States, also have a place in Ming’s predictions and reflections. Chi Kuo.

apple vision pro sensors

The interaction between the different Apple products is one of the great flags of the ecosystem, both at the hardware and software levels. And from the intersection of the Apple Watch and the Apple Vision Pro, comes what is the last reflection in his post: «By integrating the Apple Vision Pro with the Apple Watch, I believe that innovative health management can be created, which will promote the shipping and sales of both products.