These accessories for your Mac, now cheaper than ever

If you are looking for accessories for your Mac, in this post we bring you a selection of very interesting offers. Thanks to MediaMarkt’s special Apple Days offers, until June 1 we can save on a wide selection of products. And now it is the turn of the peripherals for the computer. So If you are looking for official and certified plugins, this post is for you!

Accessories for your Mac, now much cheaper than at Apple

If you like the experience of using the entire Apple ecosystem, you know that accessories are a very important part. As for computers, the Magic Mouse and the Magia Keyboard are essential, especially if we use an iMac. But if we have a Mac mini or a MacBook and we want these official peripherals, they have a much higher price in the official Apple Store than what they have now in MediaMarkt.

The Magic Mouse 2 is the mouse by definition for many Mac users. Its full integration with system functions, its ergonomics and how light it is make it a very interesting option to consider. However, the price set by the company is a factor that usually pulls back your purchase. Nevertheless, now it is reduced to 75 euros and with free shipping available. In this case, it is the white model.

The Magic Mouse has its companion: the Magic Keyboard. The Apple keyboard is one of the most reliable options thanks to its autonomy, 100% integration with macOS and its key system when writing. But if we add a numeric keyboard to the Magic Keyboard, then we have a complete accessory with which to carry out. And if we take into account that its price is now 115 euroswe get the most complete official keyboard, for less money.

magic mouse keyboard

Lack of storage space will no longer be a problem

Being able to interact with the Mac is also important on the software side. If we have a lot of applications and content stored, and we don’t want to subscribe to any cloud storage plan, external memories are very useful.

In this case, we have Mac-compatible hard drives from LaCie on sale. And the available capacities? 1, 2, 4 and 5TB of storage space. Thus, in this way, we can store all the content we want, without having to worry about running out of space on the computer’s local drive. They connect via USB type C and now include a month’s subscription to the Adobe application suite as a gift.

  • Buy the LaCie Mobile Drive V2 1TB hard drive for 89.90 euros
  • Buy the LaCie Mobile Drive V2 2TB hard drive for 114 euros
  • Buy the LaCie Mobile Drive V2 4TB hard drive for 169 euros
  • Buy the LaCie Mobile Drive V2 5TB hard drive for 189 euros

And if what you want is speed, we recommend LaCie’s external SSDs, also with a USB Type-C connection and compatible with the Mac ecosystem. In this case, the 1 and 2TB capacities are discounted, so if you’re interested, We leave the links so you can get them directly:

  • Buy the LaCie Rugged 1TB External SSD drive for 94 euros
  • Buy the LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB External SSD drive for 119 euroslacie mac hard drives