These Apple products have also gone up in price

After the announcement of the new iPhone, one of the negative surprises that many users have been has been the rise in price of the new equipment with respect to what previous generations cost. But beware, this price increase has not only affected new devices, since other products in the Apple Store have also risen in price. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

For many months the alleged price increase that Apple was going to carry out on its new products has been rumored, however, all those attending the Keynote as well as those who saw it live were pleasantly surprised when Apple announced the prices of the new equipment and verified that there was no increase, but that they remained, but there was a trick.

The prices that Apple announced were for the United States, where they have not risen. However, in Spain there has been a considerable increase, fueled by inflation and also, for the change from dollar to euro. But the bad news does not stop there, since the price increase has not only occurred in new devices, but also in many others that were already in the Apple Store.

Apple products that have gone up in price

In the same way that the iPhone 14, with respect to the 13, have increased their price due to inflation and the change from dollar to euro, those that were already present in the Apple Store have undergone the same process, something that has already happened for example with the MacBook Air M1. Therefore, below you have the list of products that now cost more money than just a few days ago.

  • iPhone SE 3rd generation. The economic iPhone is no longer so, since now its price has risen to 30 euros more, starting at 559 euros.
  • 3rd generation AirPods. In this case, the price increase is not very large, since they have only increased their previous price by 10 euros. Now they start at 209 euros with their Lightning charging case and 219 euros with the MagSafe charging case.

AirPods 3

  • iPhone cases They have also gone up in price. One of Apple’s most popular accessories and that, just now with the launch of new equipment, more are going to be bought, they have also suffered an increase in the amount of money that users will have to pay to be able to acquire one of them. The increase is 5 euros, with the silicone ones costing 59 euros and the leather ones 69 euros.
  • The AirTagsthat popular Apple accessory, has also risen in price, 4 euros for an individual unit, now costing 39 euros, and 10 euros for a pack of 4 AirTags, now costing 129 euros.

After these movements by Apple, it would not be surprising that with the next Keynote to be held in October, predictably, those products that are presented, which everything seems to indicate will be new iPads and new Macs, will also rise in price, dragging to other related products such as the Apple Pencil or the Magic Keyboard.