These apps take advantage of the Dynamic Island

The Dynamic Island is one of the new features of iPhone 14 and pro Max that has revolutionized the way we interact with our iPhone, becoming a clear example of what you can do when there is a perfect integration between hardware and software. In this post we are going to see important functions that you can perform with the new dynamic island on our iPhone 14.

Dynamic Island, a great future ahead

Despite the fact that it has only been on the market for a few months, the dynamic Island has been the target of numerous analyzes by all the critics specialized in technology, since it has been a novelty that nobody expected and that completely changes the way we understand ourselves with our iPhone. Many applications are in development, today, in addition to the native iOS functions, we find different applications that have been adapted to the Dynamic Island to extract its full potential.

Dynamic Notch and Hit the Island

It is an application, although it is not specific for those iPhones that have Dynamic Island, it has a Wallpapers with a set of funds developed specifically to get the maximum game to the Dynamic Island. You can select the image you want and once you select it you can determine how you want the image to adapt to your device under three different effects, which adapts to the device screen. There is also a series of complementary funds.

island hit is a very simple and classic game that has gained great popularity because it integrates perfectly with Apple’s new Dynamic Island. In this game, you get points every time you touch the new Apple software novelty. Every time you touch the Dynamic Island, it vibrates, being very fun for all users who have acquired the highest range of Apple phones. The game is free and you can download it from the apple App Store.

Dynamic Notch Wallpaper App
Dynamic Notch Wallpaper App

hit the island
hit the island

If you are an animal lover

If you want an animal to appear in the new Dynamic Island of your iPhone, you can have it through the App Store through the application Apollo for Reddit. The application is free and does not contain advertising, so it is highly recommended and fun. To run the pet, you have to open the app and activate the option of “Welcome to Dynamic Island Zoo””, and you can choose between different animals, the most common being a kitten or a puppy.

When we click on the animal, it is placed on top of the Dynamic Island. Through it, you can feed your pet or she can play in the area where Apple Island is located. It is true that it is an app under development, so in a short time, we will have a wide variety of solutions, both free and paid.

Apollo for Reddit.

Apollo for Reddit
Apollo for Reddit

What is the future of the Dynamic island?

There is no doubt that the Dynamic Island has been the great novelty and revolution of the new iPhone 14 Pro and Max, since it completely changes the way we interact with our iPhone, becoming a key tool in the development of the next novelties of hardware and software. The future What remains is very promising, since all the developers have expressed their desire to adapt their design to the new Dynamic Island, so little by little we will be able to enjoy a Full integration between applications. Better notifications, uses and functions are just some of the novelties that we experience little by little in the Apple’s latest genius.

Dynamic Island