These are Apple’s luxury AirTags

AirTags are one of the cheapest Apple accessories. Its official entry price per unit is 39 euros, at the time of writing this article. However, Apple has a very curious underlying policy: being able to pay an exorbitantly higher amount of money, for the same basic product, and both perform exactly the same functions. Today we talk about Apple’s luxury AirTags.

Luxury AirTags have a French stamp

Apple collaborates with third-party brands to carry out the design of some of its products. Nike is one example, since they have sports sensors and Apple Watch design collections focused on physical activity. And it is on the Apple Watch, where we see that first French stamp, since Apple collaborates with the fashion firm Hermès to design exclusive straps, which are priced somewhat higher than standard straps.

However, in the AirTag, Apple also maintains a close collaboration with Hermès. But in this case, the money figure skyrockets significantly. A pack of 4 Apple AirTags officially costs 129 euros. A “standard” AirTag officially costs 39 euros. And while we can add keyrings and grips for the AirTags, the Hermès AirTags there are three exclusive designsas well as its price:

  • AirTag Hermès Luggage Tag: 539 euros
  • AirTag Hermès bag charm: 359 euros
  • AirTad Hermès Keychain: 419 euro

But is it just the keychain and do we have to buy the AirTag separately? Luckily, the price includes both the AirTag itself and the cover designed by Hermès. These are purchased together, but Apple does not sell them in packages of 4 unitsbut one by one.

Now, is the AirTag the same? What is special about the design? Is it just the Hermès strap? If we take into account the functionalities of the standard AirTag and the Hermès AirTag, they both do the same thing and work exactly the same. Even the detail of the button battery that powers the AirTag. Everything the same, except that the Hermès AirTag it has the logo of the French firm screen-printed on the body of the AirTag.

air tag box

As we can see, the price difference for the base product is immeasurable. And in the end, the three Hermès designs are a keyring for, despite the redundancy, our keys, a pendant to hang on a bag, purse or handbag, and a grip for luggage. Only with a base price difference of 320 euros, if we want to have a Hermès design.

Those 320 euros refer to the bag pendant. If we want to buy the keychain, the difference increases to 380 euros. And if we want to buy the key ring for luggage cases, it is already 500 euros of difference. Almost an iPhone SE or more than an iPad 9 difference in price. A luxury difference, for a luxury design. But whose function is simply aesthetic, and that, for up to 500 euros less, we can enjoy all the functions of the AirTag in the same way.