These are ESR accessories for the iPhone 14… We’re giving them away!

As you well know, ESR is a brand that has been in the iPhone accessories market for a long time. In this way, they try to offer a range of basic products, focusing on covers and tempered glass with compatibility for all Apple hardware elements, such as MagSafe in this case.

We show you the new ESR accessories for your iPhone 14 with a special discount, and don’t go far, because we will give away some. Discover with us what are the cheapest options to dress your iPhone 14 and feel safe with it.

Hybrid ESR with HaloLock

We are talking about the most striking of the options in the new ESR range. With this case you can take advantage of all the features of MagSafe, that is, Apple’s magnetic wireless charging.

It’s because your HaloLock accessory is fully compatible with MagSafe. ESR will offer this case in three different alternatives, one completely made of black silicone, another hybrid with the edges and the HaloLock in black, but with the back in a transparent color to show off your iPhone, and finally a completely transparent version that is reminiscent of the Genuine Apple Case

This case features compatibility for HaloLock or MagSafe accessories, supporting more than 1,200 grams of weight. Plus, it features military-grade protection. against falls, rigorously tested to guarantee total protection from all angles, since it has small air bubbles (AirGuard) on the sides, which help absorb the force of shocks.

The edges are in turn raised to protect both the screen and the camera module.

ESR Slim Project Zero

The sleeker, lighter alternative is ESR’s Project Zero, an ultra slim case, which also has small air bubbles (AirGuard) on the sides, which help absorb the force of shocks. It is resistant to yellowing, as it is made of a high-quality polymer that keeps the case transparent for longer thanks to its innovative micro-dot design and prevents the annoying “wet look” from appearing, so common in other clear cases, so you can show off your phone’s true style.

ESR covers

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At just 1.6mm thin, it feels like holding your phone without a case but with an improved grip; the flexible polymer makes it easy to put on and take off the cover. This cover is Thin enough to allow wireless charging without having to remove it, but it won’t be with the MagSafe feature as it would fall off.

A tempered glass to protect everything

A well-known protection, it includes three spare parts that should last us the entire useful life of the iPhone. The ultra resistant tempered glass withstands up to 15 Kg of force to protect your screen against scratches and bumps.

In turn, its finished oleophobic keeps the screen free of smudges and fingerprints while making it easy to clean.

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Includes an alignment frame and complete cleaning kit make installation easy while ensuring a perfect fit. easy, fast and without bubbles.

Take it as a gift

You already know that in our Telegram community we are constantly giving things away, and these accessories would be no exception. In addition, during the Apple Podcast that you can watch weekly on our YouTube channel we have already given away a few, so don’t miss out on the opportunity, subscribe to both channels and enjoy all the Apple news with us.