These are some apps compatible with Dynamic Island in iOS 16.1

iOS 16.1 is already with us. It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally with us, as well as the arrival of iPadOS 16 definitively. In this new operating system we can have a long list of novelties, among which we find the design of the battery percentage in all iPhones, the arrival of the iCloud shared photo library, the arrival of the Live Activities and the activation of the Passkey system to start leaving aside passwords. In this article we will show you some apps that are becoming compatible with Live Activities as well as take advantage of the iPhone 14 Pro interface, Dynamic Island, to display content.

Dynamic Island and Live Activities now available in iOS 16.1

Dynamic Island is the new interface for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The disappearance of the notch has produced the arrival of a kind of black ‘pill’ that houses the main cameras of the device. However, its position means there is a functional screen above, below and to the sides. This new interface allows developers to play with their position to display content as Apple taught us at the time.

iOS 16.1

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On the other hand, Live Activities or Live Activities is a feature within iOS 16.1. It is an API that allows you to display dynamic content in the form of widgets on the home screen. If we add to this Dynamic Island, developers may be able to display dynamic information through iOS 16.1 on top by making use of this interface.

That’s why we bring you a list of the main apps that have been made compatible so far with these functions.

slopes is an app dedicated to snow sports. Among them, skiing and snowboarding. Thanks to live activities, aspects related to statistics can be displayed, including vertical distance, speed, number of runners, time spent, etc. Both at the top using the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max tablet, or from the bottom as live activity.

Slopes: Ski & Snowboard (AppStore Link)

flightily is an app that informs us about the departure of a flight, of the information on how long it has been in the air and its percentage of the journey made and a long etcetera. It is compatible with both functions and also with the Always On Display of the new iPhone. A good way to have the information of our flights directly on the lock screen.

Flighty - Live Flight Tracker (AppStore Link)

Landscape is an app used by mountaineers to record a route or follow a predefined one. Thanks to these widgets we can know information about our route directly at a glance.

Landscape: Mountaineering (AppStore Link)

Forest is an app dedicated to optimizing time to avoid using the phone too much. When we spend a long time without using the phone, we will ‘plant’ tree seeds that will grow. If we pick up the phone too much, our trees will get worse. Thanks to Live Activities and Dynamic Island we will be able to see how much time we have spent, how much we have left to study and more information directly from the lock screen, like the rest of the apps that we have seen.

Forest - Stay Focused (AppStore Link)

CARROT Weather is one of the most widely used weather query apps as an alternative to the native Apple app. Your information stored in the Dynamic Island interface of the iPhone 14 Pro includes the percentage of probability of rain and storms. At the moment it is the information that it includes, but we are sure that more information will be included in future updates of the app.

CARROT Weather (AppStore Link)