These are some features of iOS and iPadOS that will arrive throughout 2023

Apple made the official presentation of all its new software for the last half of 2022 at WWDC that takes place annually in June. At that event we were able to confirm the news of all the operating systems that we have at our disposal right now: iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, etc. However, with the passing of the betas, some of the functions presented were getting off the bandwagon of the final versions. These functions They will see the light throughout 2023 and among them are Apple Pay Later, push notifications in Safari or the incorporation of physical security keys to adhere to the FIDO protocol.

2023 will come loaded with news thanks to iOS and iPadOS 16.3 and 16.4

Apple Pay Later

Apple Pay Later is a additional service offered by Apple that allows users to finance purchases and pay for them later. This service is available for certain products and stores and requires prior approval. The interesting thing about this service is that does not depend on any bank, but from the company’s own capital, which many predict as a leap into the field of financial institutions. We may see Apple Pay Later in iOS 16.4 since throughout the betas of iOS 16.3 there have been no indications of the arrival of the service. In fact, Apple assured that it would arrive in the fall of 2022 and that has not happened, so it is very likely that it will appear throughout the spring of this year.

Access keys in iOS 16.3

Physical security keys

Access keys are a password replacement and are designed to allow access to websites and applications without having a password. This derives from the FIDO alliance with large companies such as Google, Microsoft or Apple that came together to end passwords as we know them. Manzana will integrate access keys or physical security with the arrival of iOS 16.3. At the moment, there is no intention of launching its own physical access keys, but to standardize the use of these devices throughout the Big Apple ecosystem.

Access keys in iOS 16.3

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What’s new in Apple Card

Apple Card, Apple’s bank card, will also introduce changes throughout 2023. Last October, Apple presented a new high-yield savings account from Goldman Sachs which would introduce Daily Cash redemptions, with no fees or minimum balance requirements.

Once the account is ready, all the commissions generated by the daily expenses through Daily Cash would be entered into this account and it would begin to generate interest. Remember that the Daily Cash function offers 2-3% on purchases made with Apple Pay and 1% with a physical card. Its release was expected for iOS 16.1 but it was not definitely included and there is no sign of it appearing in iOS 16.3 either.


Push notification in Safari

Apple announced at WWDC that iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 were going to integrate a web push notification system throughout 2023. These notifications would be of the same type that we can receive on our desktop computer when we subscribe to notifications from some websites. There is no launch forecast but it is expected to be throughout 2023.

Advanced security options in more countries

A few weeks ago Apple introduced a number of advanced Data Protection options that allowed to increase the security of the devices of the big apple. Among those features was additional encryption of all iCloud backup except for Calendars and Mail. This feature was integrated into iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, and macOS 13.1 but only in the United States. These new security features are expected to reach other parts of the world perhaps with iOS 16.3 or iOS 16.4.

Emergency SOS Satellite

Satellite emergency calls in more countries

The iPhone 14 integrates the SOS calls via satellite that allows you to make emergency calls through a satellite connection outside the coverage of mobile networks or Wi-Fi. It was launched last November 2022 in Canada and the United States. A month later, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom already have the function available for their emergency numbers. It is likely that throughout 2023 new countries will become compatible with this very interesting function for the iPhone 14. However, there is no official news and no potential potential countries either.