These are the 10 most shipped mobile phones of 2023. There are 7 iPhones!

And the most curious thing of all is that, despite the fact that Apple is one of the most expensive companies, it has 7 of the 10 mobile phones that we will see today. Some of them have been around for years, and even so, they have managed to be above many of the brands that release phones every quarter.

Most shipped smartphones of 2023

Apple wants to take over the market, and more and more people are betting on one of them. Especially since it is no longer such an expensive brand, compared to the rest. A decade ago, having an iPhone meant paying three times as much as anyone with an Android, however, today there are Chinese brand phones that are more expensive than Tim Cook's, so to pay the same for a high-end , many decide on the apple.

And without further opinions, let's go directly to see the table that interests us, to be able to analyze it better. We leave it here, to see if it surprises you as much as it does me, since, the truth is, it scares you.

That the iPhone 14 Pro Max is first does not surprise us, we have to think that it was the best smartphone there was for 9 months of the year. However, the fact that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is second only to the first is crazy, since most people did not get it until October, and, therefore, we are talking about only 3 months of sales.

Although what catches my attention the most is the iPhone 13, a phone that is already a few years old, and although the first months of 2023 could be a good option, I don't think many people would get it in the second half, and even Thus, there is no other model from another company that can take its place, being fifth behind all its brothers.

Two iPhone 15s on grass

We have to go to the sixth to see a Samsung, in this case the Galaxy A14 4G, a very low-end phone that succeeded due to its ridiculous price, which made many people purchase it.

  • 1. iPhone 14 Pro Max | 34 million
  • 2. iPhone 15 Pro Max | 33 million
  • 3. iPhone 14 | 29 million
  • 4. iPhone 14 Pro | 29 million
  • 5. iPhone 13 | 23 million
  • 6. Galaxy A14 4G | 21 million
  • 7. iPhone 15 Pro | 21 million
  • 8. Galaxy A54 5G | 20 million
  • 9. Galaxy A14 5G | 19 million
  • 10. iPhone 15 | 17 million

And, despite the fact that there are two others from the Korean brand, none of them are top of the range, far from it, which suggests that people who can or want to afford a good mobile phone go straight for it. Apple, whether one model or another.

Will we end up seeing the dominance of the apple in the market? Competition is always good, and it helps companies put more interest in improving, it would be interesting if someone stood up to it, but it seems that today it has no rival, and people are clear about their choice.