These are the best functions that come with iOS 16.1

Apple continues to work on the development of iOS, how could it be otherwise, and despite the fact that iOS 16 has barely been installed naturally on user devices for a month, the growth and functionalities of iOS are growing almost day to day.

We show you iOS 16.1 and its best features to get the most out of your iPhone. It is a good time to consider its installation and how Apple improves the performance of our device over time.

And it is that iOS 16.1 is much more than a new battery icon, the Cupertino company’s Mobile Operating System hides surprises, but at Actualidad iPhone we are always keeping an eye on discovering them in the easiest way.

Redesigning the wallpaper

The arrival of “personalization” to the wallpaper that Apple has decided to implement in its own way has not been without controversy. The reality is that the user interface is not exactly the most intuitive that Apple has been able to create, an unforgivable mistake considering that this is precisely the main asset of iOS.

has now received a minor redesign that includes a friendlier interface for first-time users, Well differentiated buttons and easily understandable functionalities.

In the same way, now we will be able to change the wallpaper directly from the settings section, without the need to invoke the editor on the lock screen. We simply click on the wallpaper section and we alternate in the list of funds that we have previously assigned.

A more consistent battery percentage

The first and most striking of the iOS 16.1 redesigns It has a lot to do with the battery percentage, and Apple previously had the controversial idea of ​​showing the battery percentage, but it always remained full, that is, it did not go down in line with the percentage shown in the numerical value.

Now Apple has decided to correct this small misunderstanding and has created a consistent battery animation with the percentage shown on the screen in terms of numerical values.

This functionality or small change has been well received by most users in what has been classified as one of Apple’s most controversial design errors in recent years.

In addition, another user complaint was that the battery icon had stopped synchronizing in real time with the load we were carrying out, now this has changed again and Apple has taken a turn of the rudder to fix these small “flaws.

Pre-download content on the iOS App Store

The App Store is the most popular app store for mobile devices on the market, which means that many video games announce their launch several months or weeks before they are available. This also includes small update packages that are quite large and take up some storage on our iPhone.

Now in Settings > App Store, we will be able to enable pre-downloads of applications or additional content, regardless of whether or not it has been officially released for all users. It is a system similar to the one used in digital video game stores to download them before their release and have it available at the exact moment.

Live Activites API release

As you well know, during the launch of iOS 16, the Cupertino company announced that we will be able to receive real-time data regarding the most important events of the day to show them directly on the lock screen or on the Dynamic Island.

Apple has definitively released the Live Activities API, therefore, applications from iOS 16.1 they will be able to add information to the lock screen in real time regarding football matches or those events that are considered of general interest.

Charge your iPhone with clean energy

One of the most curious functions that iOS 16.1 has received is precisely that of allowing the iPhone choose the right moment throughout the charging process to minimize the carbon footprint:

Clean Energy Charging aims to reduce iPhone’s carbon footprint by optimizing charging times for when the network is using cleaner energy sources.

Apple’s ways are inscrutable, and if Apple believes it can analyze our location and power grid information to minimize the iPhone’s carbon footprint, so be it.

Now you can delete the Wallet app

The Apple application that allows us to store our tickets, tickets, plane tickets and of course our credit cards to use ApplePay, now it can be removed.

iOS 16.1 Wallet

In a new attempt by Apple to “liberalize” its Operating System, it has now added the possibility of getting rid of this application without any impediment. Now you will be able to remove the Wallet app, although I find it hard to believe that any user could have an interest in getting rid of one of the most interesting features of iOS.

New icons in Apple Music

Now if you connect your headphones while you are using Apple Music, the icon at the bottom that indicated to us through the AirPlay icon that we were playing music through our wireless headphones, has now shown an icon that is directly related to the headphones that we are using.

Therefore, we can see our AirPods Pro, our Beats or those who play at that moment, always bearing in mind that it will be restricted to devices from the Cupertino company, for obvious reasons.

Final release of iOS 16.1

iOS 16.1 is just around the corner, meanwhile you can continue discovering its news with our colleagues on the Telegram channel of Actualidad iPhone, where we do live draws through the Weekly Podcast that we do on YouTube.

If you have any questions, remember that you can leave it in the comment box and take advantage of all the advice we give you daily.