These are the best methods I know to recover deleted photos from iPhone

The photos we take with our iPhone always have an emotional value, whether it is a photo we take with our friends or a memory we have with our grandparents. Sometimes, due to human error, we can accidentally delete these images. But do you know how we can recover deleted photos? Let's see it below.

Recover deleted photos on iPhone and hidden

When a photo is deleted by mistake, it does not disappear from our operating system completely, but is stored in the trash for 30 days.

To access this type of photographs, we have to do scroll to the bottom of Photos until we find the “Deleted” option. We unlock access and we now have all the deleted photos and the days remaining until their deletion.

If we want to recover one or more photographs, we have to click on it and click on “Recover”. It automatically appears in our photo album, in the same place and date where we deleted it.

It is also possible that by mistake we have sent a photograph to “Hidden” and, therefore, it does not appear in our photo gallery or in draft.

To recover the photos from here, we have to do it again scroll until you find the “Hidden” window that is located just above “Deleted”. The rest of the steps are similar to those mentioned in previous paragraphs.

Recover deleted photos on iPhone

iphone xy 13 pro max cameras

What happens if 30 days have passed since we deleted a photo from the photos app? Fortunately, Apple with its ecosystem allows you to recover photos even if they are not on your device.

To do this, we have to go to Settings > iCloud > Sync this iPhone. In this way, all the photos we take are synchronized. By default, Apple gives us 5 GB for free, so it is possible that the memory is still in the cloud. If you have a subscription plan, it will almost certainly still be in the aforementioned cloud.

In iCloud, we access the iCloud Photo Library and have access to all the photographs that have been taken with your Apple devices. In the Apple cloud we also have access to “Recently Deleted”. It is advisable to look there also in case we have recently deleted any photos.

If the photo is in iCloud, remember that you can download it not only from your mobile, but also from all your Apple devices and Windows computers.

Restore a backup

iTunes backups

This is the most aggressive method of all, since it consists of searching if we have previously made a backup copy of the device and checking if the image was stored on it. To do this, you have to perform the following steps:

If you have a Mac with macOS Catalina or later, you must follow these steps:

  • Connect iPhone to Mac via cable.
  • Open a Finder window and click on the iPhone name in the left bar.
  • Go to the General tab and choose one of the following options: “Save a backup to iCloud” if you want to use Apple's service for the copy; or “Back up all iPhone data on this Mac” if you want the copy to be stored on your Mac.
  • Click on “Back up now” and wait for the process to finish without disconnecting the iPhone from the Mac.

Remember that, if you have a Mac with macOS Mojave and earlier, you have to do it through iTunes.

In conclusion, these are the main methods to recover recovered photos for iPhone. Do you know of any methods that have not been discussed here? Leave it in comments.