These are the devices that Apple buys you to give you a discount

Apple devices are usually high-priced. But thanks to programs like Apple Trade In, we can trade in an iPhone we already own for a discount on a new one. But beyond mobile phones, the company offers the same type of discounts on other product lines. Thus, we are not only limited to the iPhoneand in this post we are going to see what can be delivered to have a price reduction.

The limitations of these discounts

Before seeing the types of products that can be delivered, one very important thing must be pointed out, to avoid confusion. If we give in an iPhone, we will only be able to get a discount if we buy a new iPhone. We will not be able to deliver an iPhone for a discount on the purchase of an iPad.

In the same way that this limitation exists, you have to know that not all products qualify for discounts for delivering old equipment. We can only benefit from Apple Trade In on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. Other products, such as Apple TV, HomePod or AirPods are not included (at least for now) in these discounts.

If you deliver it, Apple gives you a discount

iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch get a discount when turning in a used device. Although the most detailed price list is that of the iPhone, here is the table with the official prices of all of them:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: up to 735 euros
  • iPhone 13 Pro: up to 635 euros
  • iPhone 13: up to 480 euros
  • iPhone 13 mini: up to 405 euros
  • 3rd generation iPhone SE: up to 225 euros
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: up to 495 euros
  • iPhone 12 Pro: up to 405 euros
  • iPhone 12: up to 345 euros
  • iPhone 12 mini: up to 265 euros
  • 2nd generation iPhone SE: up to 110 euros
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: up to 335 euros
  • iPhone 11 Pro: up to 285 euros
  • iPhone 11: up to 260 euros
  • iPhone XS Max: up to 200 euros
  • iPhone XS: up to 180 euros
  • iPhone XR: up to 180 euros
  • iPhone X: up to 130 euros
  • iPhone 8 Plus: up to 105 euros
  • iPhone 8: up to 80 euros
  • iPhone 7 Plus: up to 60 euros
  • iPhone 7: up to 40 euros
  • Apple Watch Series 7: up to 180 euros
  • Apple Watch Series 6: up to 120 euros
  • Apple Watch SE: up to 70 euros
  • Apple Watch Series 5: up to 85 euros
  • Apple Watch Series 4: up to 50 euros
  • iPad Pro: up to 555 euros
  • iPad Air: up to 355 euros
  • iPad: up to 215 euros
  • iPad mini: up to 285 euros
  • MacBook Pro: up to 850 euros
  • MacBook Air: up to 495 euros
  • MacBook: up to 120 euros
  • iMac Pro: up to 620 euros
  • iMac: up to 440 euros
  • Mac Pro: up to 1250 euros
  • Mac mini: up to 295 euros

apple trade in

Products such as HomePod, Apple TV or AirPods, and accessories such as Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard or AirTags can also be brought to Apple. But in this case, the purpose of delivering the device is its recycling, to prevent them from becoming electronic waste. In this case, the company is not going to pay us anything, nor are we going to get any discount for the purchase of a new device in the same category.