These are the FIDO security keys that Apple recommends

Yesterday we talked about security keys and their arrival on Apple devices thanks to the latest update. These keys allow the user to replace the second part of the two-step verification by going from the six-digit code to a hardware that acts as an unlocker. It is another tool to improve the security of our Apple ID and that it can be interesting and probably the future of security led by the FIDO alliance. If you are thinking of buying a security key, we will show you which ones Apple recommends.

The FIDO security keys recommended by the Big Apple

Security keys supported in iOS 16.3 include all those keys certified as ‘FIDO Certified’. It is a way of standardizing a concept to avoid deception or fraudulent accessories. However, Apple recommends three security keys on its support website. Two of them with USB-C connector (of which one also includes Lightning) and another with USB-A.

  • YubiKey 5C NFC (works with most Mac and iPhone models)
  • YubiKey 5Ci (works with most Mac and iPhone models)
  • FEITAN ePass K9 NFC USB-A (works with older Mac models and most iPhone models)

Apple also warns us that If you choose a security key other than those recommended, that we make sure that you have the certification ‘FIDO Certified’ in addition to have a connector compatible with the device: USB-C, Lightning, USB-A… it all depends on the device we have and the device we want to access most frequently with this two-step verification.

Access keys in iOS 16.3

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To check if our key has the appropriate certification from the FIDO Alliance, there is a website that shows a complete list of compatibilities. This point is important because if we are playing with security issues it is essential to make sure that we comply with all the standards to protect us from malicious aspects around this concept.

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