These are the iPhones that no longer have access to Apple technical support

If you have been an iPhone user for years, and you still have not changed your phone, you may be interested to know that there are some devices that are no longer officially eligible for repair. These phones that are no longer repaired are considered obsolete, and Apple has an official list with all the terminals that have already finished their useful life in terms of repairability. So in this post we are going to show you.

Apple Charts

The truth is that, in addition to the iPhones that are no longer officially repaired, Apple also has a list of terminals that are considered old. Phones considered obsolete have to meet the condition that, after they have been withdrawn from sale, seven years (or more) have passed so that the company stops manufacturing spare parts for its repair. These iPhone models that are no longer officially entitled to repairs are the following:

  • Original iPhone, released in 2007
  • iPhone 3G, released in 2008
  • iPhone 3GS, released in 2009
  • iPhone 4, released in 2010
  • iPhone 4S, released in 2011
  • iPhone 5C, released in 2013

On the other hand, phones considered old They are the next ones that, once these seven years have passed, will be part of the obsolete ones. However, these models can continue to be repaired officially. So, if we have one of these, we can continue to obtain official spare parts and labor to replace parts such as the screen, the battery, or the buttons, which are the components that most often need changing over the years. The models considered as old are these:

  • 8GB iPhone 4 (This model was released later than the original iPhone 4 and was the entry-level iPhone for a time)
  • iPhone 5, released in 2012
  • iPhone 5S, released in 2013
  • iPhone 6, released in 2014
  • iPhone 6 Plus, released in 2014
  • iPhone 6S, released in 2015
  • iPhone 6S Plus, released in 2015
  • 32GB iPhone 6S (this model was released after the original iPhone 6S)
  • 32GB iPhone 6S Plus (this model was released after the original iPhone 6S)

iPhone 6s

That it is not updated, does not mean obsolete

A term that needs to be clarified, because it can lead to a lot of confusion, is the fact that an iPhone is no longer updated. Every year, when Apple releases new versions of iOS, there are models that are left out, and can no longer access the new features that the update brings.

However, the fact Just because they no longer update to later versions of iOS doesn’t mean they’re outdated phones. One thing is its useful life in terms of software, and another very different is its useful life in terms of hardware. On the system side, there are many features that are still fully functional on older iPhones. However, this is not a differential fact by which Apple decides that they become “vintage”. These lists include products that have already officially ended their useful life in terms of hardware. But only from the point of view that they can no longer be repaired. If the iPhone you have, no matter how old it is, continues to work, it will not stop working even though it is included in this list. So, for this part, you can rest easy, and continue to enjoy the iPhone “as in the old school”.