These are the Mac models that you can buy at Apple

If you want to buy a Mac through the Apple Store, in this post we are going to review all the models and variants that can be purchased officially. So you will have available a map of all models, sizes, processors and designs that you will be able to find And even if you want to buy older models, we will also explain how you can buy them.

Mac families and their processors

If there is a need to categorize the Macs that are currently sold, we can do it in two ways. On the one hand, the product families. On the other, the processors that they incorporate. Regarding the product families, we refer to the ranges of computers, not to the specific models (more RAM, storage, more processor, extras, etc.). On the other hand, Apple has made a transition from Intel to Apple Silicon chips. But not all Mac ranges have (yet) proprietary Apple processors. The product families are the following:

  • MacBook Air: Two 13-inch models. With M1 processor and M2 processor, with differentiated designs.
  • MacBook Pro: A 13-inch model with an M2 chip, a 14-inch model with an M2 Pro or M2 Max chip, and a 16-inch model with an M2 Pro or M2 Max chip.
  • iMac: A 24-inch model with an M1 chip and a renewed design.
  • Mac mini: Three configurations available, and a choice between the M2 chip and the M2 Pro chip.
  • Mac Studio: Two configurations available. One with the M1 Max chip and one with the M1 Ultra chip.
  • Mac Pro: Two models available with Intel processors. A model with a tower design and a model with a rack-mountable design.

mac desktop available

Almost all product families have Apple Silicon processors. And we say almost all of them, because only Mac Pros have Intel processors. So if you want to buy a Mac computer with Apple Silicon, until this model is renewed, we advise you to go for another range.

You can buy computers from other years

If you’re not sold on any of the new Mac models or categories being sold, you can also buy computers and models from previous years, which have different specifications. Even, most importantly, Intel processors in computers that now have Apple Silicon processors.

This is possible thanks to the Refurbished and certified section that Apple has on its official website. In addition to being able to buy computers from other years (and some current models), they come with price reductions which can be very significant.

Apple Refurbished Mac computers are devices that have been overhauled. The operation of all of them has been tested and is guaranteed, and all the repairs that have been carried out have been with parts official and original, and have been carried out in the same Apple repair centers. Of course, keep in mind that the available stock will vary depending on the models they have and the configurations of these equipments are fixed. We will not be able to adapt them to our liking, as is the case with the Macs that we buy new.