These are the most amazing tips of your iPhone today

iOS 16 has already been well established on the iPhone, despite the fact that it is generating numerous complaints about battery consumption or certain features that do not finish running correctly, the reality is that the mobile Operating System of the Cupertino company has been widely accepted by users.

We tell you the tricks that nobody has told you about iOS 16 and how you can leave everyone with their mouths open. Do not miss it, because you will save a lot of time with these capabilities of your iPhone that I am sure you did not know.

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Copy and duplicate calendar events

Our calendar can be a maelstrom of content that saturates us. It may be the case that we have an event that is repeated for two or three consecutive days on the calendar, in which case it is advisable not to divide the event into periods.

Don’t worry, if you thought it was necessary to create the events in the calendar one by one you are in luck, and it is that if iOS 16 allows you to duplicate and copy a calendar event to paste it later on another day.

For it, it is enough that we make a long press on said calendar event and this functionality will appear that enables us the option to copy or duplicate the content of said event, we leave that to your choice.

I do take this opportunity to remind you that if you select an event that has a periodic repetition programmed, it is possible that this repetition will also be copied.

Create your own domain in iCloud Mail

As you well know, Apple continues to work on improving the functions of iCloud Mail, and at this point it has now made a capability that has been present since iOS 15.4 much more visible, it is none other than that of using your own domains directly in iCloud Mail, without the need for contract storage with external providers.

Thus, you can replace the “” of your email address with the alternative that you want, as long as you own a domain.


if you go to Settings > Profile > iCloud > Custom Mail Domain, It will allow you to assign your own domain to iCloud Mail in case you own it, or acquire one quickly through an integrated function of CloudFlare with prices that will vary between 5 and 20 euros per year. It should be noted that this option is valid only for those users of any type of iCloud+ subscription.

Change the watch face with Focus Mode

The Focus Mode of iOS has grown a lot in recent years, to an extent that allows you to customize every area of ​​use of your Apple devices while this mode is activated. Thanks to it, it will allow you to keep abreast of what is happening elsewhere, without having to be greatly distracted from your day-to-day obligations.

This function, which was mainly used by students, is now used by a greater number of users thanks to its increasing functionalities.

if you enter Settings > Concentration modes > Configure, You will see that the second customization option is to choose the locked screens or the home screen page that we want to limit distractions. But we are not only going to deal with the iPhone, we will even be able to customize the sphere of our Apple Watch among all those that we have configured, in case we want to establish a more minimalist one that allows us to keep the attention where it should be.

Creating notes is faster than ever

The creation of notes is a functionality that has been greatly enhanced in macOS thanks to the new shortcuts and quick accesses, however, there are still many iOS and iPadOS users who are not well aware of the capabilities that the Control Center of our iPhone and iPad is capable of offering us, And that’s what we’re here to talk to you about right now.

The quick note creation feature has been built into iOS for quite some time, however, so far they have failed to encourage users to take advantage of its capabilities.

Fast notes

if you go to Settings > Control Center > Sticky Notes, you will be able to add a new button to the control center designed to open a quick notes screen. This will not open the complex application or cause any delay, a screen will simply be displayed that will allow you to make your annotations in just a second.

Crop objects and people in photos from Safari

This is one of the most anticipated and striking features of iOS 16, and it is that we can cut people directly in the Photos application by long pressing on the photo.

What you may not know is that you also you can cut out people and objects directly from Safari photos and copy them to clipboard in .PNG format, which will allow you to add it to notes, other photographs or carry out editing tasks.

It’s very easy, we simply look for the photograph we want, we make a long press on it so that the drop-down menu opens, and we choose the option Copy Subject from the menu itself.

Edit the size of buttons in the Home app

The home application has been another of the great renovations. Now its user interface is much more intuitive and easy to use. Another secret is that you can do a long press on any of the buttons and choose the option “Edit home view”, which will allow you to adjust the size of the buttons so that the most important ones have priority.

App Home

This joins the rest of the dropdown menus, new features and of course the ability to add a much larger number of icons in the Home app.