These are the most interesting new features of iPadOS 18

iPadOS 18 has matured, it is now in its second beta and little by little it is adding more and better new features that will allow users to enjoy this next version of Apple's operating system for one of its flagship products, the iPad.

Discover with us the most interesting hidden details of iPadOS 18 and how they can help you improve your productivity on your iPad.

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Notes app grows

This application seemed to be destined for ostracism with the arrival of Freeforms, however, Apple continues to work on making the Notes application more versatile and functional. In this case, the system of smart writing will encourage you to use Apple Pencil more often. Handwriting will recreate your lettering style from your notes, so texts will be clear and easy to read with the correction that iPadOS 18 will do internally.

Besides, Now you can also paste typed text into a handwritten note, quickly correct spelling, and tap to drag and edit your own text, even delete it directly.

On the other hand, one of the most striking features of the Notes application is that we will be able to record audios, and a transcription will be generated in real time that we can edit to modify the text.

Similarly, we will be able to take advantage of the new functionality of highlighted to select highlighted texts, even creating drop-down sections and hidden text.

Calculator, at last

The Calculator app was never natively on the iPad, which didn't seem to make any sense or reason for it. Well, now Apple has decided to compensate its users by creating the most incredible Calculator app we could have ever imagined.

We can now solve math expressions, assign variables, and even create graphs, all with our Apple Pencil. You just tell it what you want to calculate, and it will do it automatically.


In addition, this calculator has a basic function and a scientific function, completely redesigned for the large screen of the iPad, allowing us to access the calculation history and unit conversion.

More customization and new Control Center

You know very well that the iPhone has received an extra layer of customization with iOS 18, this has obviously reached the iPad, as it could not be otherwise. In this sense, I am going to ignore the amalgamation of colors that we have seen on Social Networks and go directly to talk about the fact that we will be able to access and modify the Control Center at a glance.

Now we can see the favorites in full color, but we also have access to three more tabs, dedicated to multimedia content, Apple HomeKit and connectivity. Not only are the favorites editable, but we can also change the size and layout of the widgets that we can access from the Control Center.

Control Center is now more useful than ever, and this is reflected in the fact that it will save us time when using the iPad, improving our productivity.

More Photos and More Messages

The Photos app inherits the new features of iOS 18, that is, the library will be organized using Automatic Collections, where we will see for example Travel, People and Pets. In addition, we will have a new Featured Collections section that simplifies its use. On the other hand, sliding to the right in the grid will access the new Carousel, which will highlight only the best content in poster mode.


For its part, the Messages application receives the option of liven up conversations through small interactions in the message box to read. We will be able to react to the content we receive with all the available emoticons, and even schedule messages with the new “Send Later” system.

Game Mode

The iPad has more than enough power for a multitude of applications and games, especially in its “Pro” versions or with an Apple Silicon processor. For this reason, Apple has integrated a Game Mode that will minimize the background activity, keeping the frame rate as high as possible.

For its part, this Game Mode reduces latency audio and allows wireless controllers like the PlayStation DualSense to respond even faster.

Passwords and Safari app

Apple has finally abandoned the Keychain, creating its own password management application that, as it could not be otherwise, is called Passwords. This will allow us to create passwords, verify our identity and receive security alerts. It will work equally well on the iPad, iPhone and Mac, so we could say that it integrates perfectly into the Apple environment.

Apple Intelligence privacy

Safari, for its part, will provide us with summaries using its Featured Notes function, which will allow us to go through websites more quickly, without being bombarded with information that interests us little or not at all. In addition, the reader has been redesigned, now it is simpler and more attractive, offering a table of contents and a detailed summary.

A medley of novelties

We leave you with some other new features that may not be as interesting, but they also make your life much easier:

  • Freeform now allows you to create diagrams and scenes to better organize, classify and present our content.
  • The document explorer has been redesigned with search capabilities.
  • Many apps have redesigned their floating tab bar.
  • We can now choose which contacts we share with apps to further protect our privacy.
  • The application Settings It has been redesigned, now including instructions for use and an improved user interface.
  • The application Home now allows adding vacuum cleaners.
  • He Calendar will allow us to add content to the Reminders app directly.

These are the new features that we found most interesting, tell us what yours were.