Apple will launch next week version 16.3 for all HomePod models which includes quite a few interesting new featuresand here we tell you so you don’t miss anything.

After the presentation of the new HomePod, a model that replaces the already discontinued original HomePod, Apple has launched the latest beta of version 16.3 for its speakers, and it includes a note with all the changes and news that this new version brings. The great news is that Apple has not forgotten about its older modelsneither the mini nor the original HomePod, and there are several very interesting news for the owners of these smart speakers.

  • The temperature and humidity sensors of the HomePod mini are activated
  • New remastered ambient sounds for all HomePod models
  • The Find My feature on HomePod lets you ask Siri where your friends and family are, as long as they share your location with you
  • Home recurring automations can now be set with your voice
  • Siri’s confirmation sound now plays to let you know when a request is complete on accessories that aren’t visible or in another location
  • Audio improvements for voices, improving the sound of Podcasts on HomePod (1st and 2nd Gen)
  • Volume control improvements on HomePod (1st Gen) to better adjust lower volumes

This update is currently only available to developers, but it is expected that next week it will be available to all users. Given its size and the content of the list of news, it could be classified as one of the most important updates that the HomePods have received since their launch. In addition to all that said, the new architecture of the Home app is expected to make a comeback with this update, as Apple had to pull it after the release of version 16.2 due to all the issues that kept popping up.