These are the news of iOS 17 that we will see on June 5

Apple has already sent the invitations to the lucky winners for WWDC23 that will begin on June 5, the day you will have an important appointment with us, that we will come to tell you all the news at the software level that the Cupertino company will present.

These are all the news of iOS 17 that will be presented on June 5 at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time. Do not miss them, because we are going to take you on a tour of all the curiosities that have been known over the last few weeks and that will help you to know in depth the next operating system for your iPhone.

First thing: accessibility

Apple wants to convert iOS 17 on the world’s most accessible operating system, and that’s hard but rewarding work. We are all in favor of Apple focusing development on making it easier for those who, for one reason or another, have obstacles to using iOS, so a good time has come to mark a before and after.

In this sense, Apple has baptized as Assisted Access to all these features that reduce the iOS user interface to a minimum with the intention that only the most basic and necessary functions appear, enlarging the size of the buttons and allowing both the elderly and the disabled to interact more easily with your iPhone and iPad.

Although little by little this adapted user interface will be expanded, at its launch it will be able to be enjoyed by users who need it in: FaceTime, Messages, Camera, Photos and Music, what Apple considers the most relevant applications for daily use.

Continuing in the orbit of accessibility, Apple will officially present Live Speech and Personal Voice, that gives your iPhone the ability to record and store certain phrases with our own voice, in this way, users with speech limitations will be able to communicate more quickly and naturally both in face-to-face conversations in real time, as well as through any FaceTime call type, either video or audio only.

Mental health

As we learned several weeks ago through a leak from the Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino company was working on implementing a new application with a code name Jurassic, designed to help users keep track of their daily life, analyzing behavior, something like habit monitoring.

This application, which will also serve as a diary, will allow us to write notes, audios, record images and provide us with mental and physical health advice.

Although we still don’t know its final name, the application will be halfway between a traditional newspaper and an integration with the Health application, which lIt will allow you to access the information from the movement and location sensors of our iPhone and our Apple Watch, so it will also analyze and determine what our daily habits are.

Apple Maps

The Cupertino company continues to work on offering Apple Maps as a real alternative to third-party services such as Google Maps and Waze. The reality is that due to lack of content, updating and operation, Apple’s option is still very far from those that use Google Maps as a source of information.

iOS 17 and the possible interface change on the Apple Maps lock screen

In this sense, with the arrival of iOS 17 Apple wants to turn its Maps application into an option to choose from, taking into account that it will have a much more interactive lock screen guidance system than seen so far, showing us both the route and the notifications in real time while we have the screen locked.

Health and Portfolio

These two apps will also receive a major redesign with the arrival of iOS 17. Unfortunately, in the Wallet app these innovations will focus on Apple’s proprietary card, which will add a new integrated button for Apple Cash Savings, will add a search engine at the top as it already happens in many other applications such as Settings, and even a button that will allow us to access all the movements made with all our cards.

Health App

Regarding the app Health, The Cupertino company is committed to also transfer it to iPadOS, where users can easily check their physical condition. In the same way, new functionalities will be added such as the monitoring of emotions and the control of visual conditions, two health sections that until now had not been explored by Apple.

Lock screen and app library

The iPhone lock screen will also undergo some changes, or at least some added features, and that is We can adjust the size of the text that is displayed on the screen. We can also easily share the design of our lock screens, something that we can do for the moment with the spheres of our Apple Watch in a few light touches.

As for the application library, a section that Apple has been quite limited since its launch, we are finally going to be able to change the name of the folders, although the automatic assignment that iOS does is quite successful, nothing like being able to customize it to our liking and win, which is why it is ours.

Other news

  • The flashlight will allow us to adjust the brightness freely, and not with the four predefined levels that exist so far.
  • It is possible that an alternative will arrive installation of applications through alternative stores to the iOS App Store in Europe.
  • iPadOS will allow users to customize the lock screen just like in iOS.
  • New interactive widgets will be included on the home screen.
  • Artificial intelligence to monitor health data.
  • Apple Music It will improve the UI on the lock screen.
  • Focus modes will be more complex to customize.

Compatible devices

It will be compatible with iOS 17 devices beyond the iPhone X/8/8 Plus range, the first generation iPad Pro, both 9.7 and 12.9 inches, as well as the fifth generation iPad, so compatibility will continue to be one of the highest on the market.