These are the news that will soon arrive on your iPhone

After a month since Apple launched the first beta of iOS 16.3 to all users, yesterday those of Cupertino returned to the charge with beta 2, but beware, not only iOS 16.3, but also iPadOS 16.3. and from macOS Ventura 13.2. If you want to know all the news that these new versions bring, do not miss this post in which we tell you about them all.

What’s new in iOS 16.3 beta 2

As expected, this beta 2 does not bring much news compared to what users already had with the first beta of iOS 16.3. Apple is focusing, with this version, on improve performance and polish the details that in the versions of iOS 16, iOS 16.1 and iOS 16.2, have been somewhat more neglected.

On this occasion it can be highlighted as the window of “Call on hold” Within the emergency section of the iPhone it has a new interface. To this, we must add the possibility of use physical security keys to protect Apple IDs of all users, which undoubtedly considerably increases the security of all existing accounts. These physical security keys provide users with the ability to use a physical hardware device as a second layer of two-factor authentication for their account.

However, it must be taken into account when evaluating these novelties, that Apple has focused a lot on previous versions in including visual and functional novelties, so it is natural that in this version, iOS 16.3, those of Cupertino try bring much more calm to offer a version that provides better performance, something that since iOS 16 officially came out, has been quite questionable.

What’s new in iPadOS and macOS Ventura

As we told you, not only the iPhone and its operating system, iOS, have new betas, but both the iPad and the Mac also have new things to offer to all users who install the corresponding betas, although of course, The trend is the same as with iOS 16.3, that is, they are very continuous versions that simply seek to polish the way the system works to offer the best possible user experience.

iPad 10 and keyboard

In the case of the iPad, the new features included in iPadOS 16.3 beta 2 are exactly the same as those of iOS 16.3 beta 2, that is, it does not vary at all, since they are two operating systems that, although they have been separated for a long time, in most cases go hand in hand in all these novelties. Yes we put the focus on macOS And this new beta, of course, also includes support for physical security keys, as well as, of course, including internal system improvements so that all Apple computers run as smoothly as possible.

work on mac

Finally, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we want to remind you of the risk that you can run whenever you install a beta of this type on your device, especially if this team is the main one, since although Apple works really well with all betas and usually they are really stable, in the end they are operating systems in tests, and for this reason, they are very prone to errors that make it difficult for you to use your device normally.