These are the next countries where the Vision Pro will be sold

And, for the moment, they are only available in the United States, although there are already some for sale in Spain through platforms like Wallapop, of course, with restrictions. However, Apple has already given us clues as to where they will be sold legally soon.

Countries that will have the Vision Pro

The production and cost of this product is the most premium that Apple has ever created, and that is why they do not have stock or an audience large enough to release it globally first, so they will gradually include more countries. .

And, apparently, these will be the new places where the Vision Pro can be purchased in the future, all thanks to the information provided by Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman.

  • America: Canada.
  • Europe: United Kingdom, Germany and France.
  • Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.
  • Oceania: Australia.

These would be the practically confirmed countries, however, it does not mean that they are the only ones, and we do not know if the order will be partial or all at once, which would give the possibility of including other larger countries that do not appear here, among the ones who Spain could be found, although possibly not at the same time.

There is also no indicative date, and we assume that it will depend on the demand of the United States, wanting to provide this product first to its inhabitants.

But once there is no stock problem and sales are reduced in the American country, it will be released for the rest. Which could be this summer, or next year. The deadlines are very difficult to calculate, and will depend above all on its production. Rumors estimate April for China, but the truth is that I am not entirely clear.

Whatever the case, we are sure that both Spain and the Latin countries will have to waitand it will be very difficult for us to get some this year, at least not in the coming months.

Although of course, we are talking about sales within the national territory, that does not mean that if it officially leaves for France in April, we cannot go for some to the neighboring country, which is much more accessible than going to another continent.

using Apple Vision Pro

Now, will they be translated into all languages, or will we only have the main ones where it is sold, also limited to their App Store?

There are many doubts that remain, what we do know is that this will begin to move in a couple of months, and that the news will be clearer at that time. I hope everything goes well and by summer we can enjoy this new Apple toy that is revolutionizing the world.

And you, do you want to see them in your country? Or are they simply so expensive that you haven't even thought about purchasing them? Of course, they will let us try them in an Apple Store, right?