These are the Safari features you should know about

Safari is Apple’s browser and is undoubtedly the most used within iOS and iPadOS devices in general, so much so that even Google pays huge amounts of money in exchange for its browser being the default in Safari, thus allowing everything to be computed traffic from Apple devices in general.

However, Safari goes far beyond simplicity, and it is that it has numerous features that you are unaware of and that you will regret not having known before. Discover with us these secrets and functionalities of Safari that will not leave anyone indifferent… are you going to miss them?

As the Cupertino company recently announced, there are currently more than 2 billion active iPhone users, and that’s a lot of users taking advantage of all the features of Safari.

Don’t like the search bar? Change it!

This will sound familiar to the veterans of the iOS world in general, and it is that cWith the arrival of iOS 15, Apple decided to shelve the historical location of the search bar, which ceased to be above to be located just below. This has its explanation at the user interface level, but we are not going to deny that when you are so used to a design, it is difficult for you to see it with different eyes.

But don’t worry, Apple has thought of everything, even its most staunch users and reluctant to change. That’s why we added the ability to easily return Safari’s search bar to its traditional location: Settings > Safari > Tabs and select the option “one tab” In this simple way, the search bar will return to the top of the screen.

Add any web page to the Home Screen

The home screen (which we have already stopped calling Springboard) is the epicenter of our interaction with iOS, how could it be otherwise. While it is true that, despite the many investments that Apple makes in facilitating the development of applications for iOS, many providers do not stop keeping simple “webApps” They are nothing more than a replica of what we would find on the website.

For those cases, the ideal is to have a link to the web page that we need, adding it to the Home Screen and thus saving us storage space that not many have plenty of. To do this, simply go to the website you want to add, click on the button «share”and select the option «add to home screen”.

Many open tabs? Use the search engine

There are not a few users who have dozens of tabs open in the search engine and not closed, which makes it very difficult to find the tab we were looking for and, therefore, causes us to open more and more tabs. But don’t worry, because we have the solution.

If you open the tab switcher and navigate to the top, a gesture that you can speed up by clicking on the “clock” to automatically go to the start, The search box for the tabs will appear, that is, you will be able to select the content quickly.

Close tabs automatically

Following the thread of the above, for those messy users who do not keep Safari clean, Apple developers have devised a solution. And it is that we have an automatic tab closing setting in Safari, which will let us choose if we will close them manually, if they will close automatically after a day, a week or a month. In this way, no matter how much we leave tabs open, we will always maintain a minimum order within Safari.

To do this you simply have to go to Settings > Safari > Tabs > Close tabs. Inside you will have the mentioned selector and you will be able to say goodbye to that terrible tangle of tabs that you have left in Safari…

Customize the Safari home page

Safari’s home page, if you haven’t customized it beforehand, can become a real mess of useless information. I hope you are not one of those users, but since here at Actualidad iPhone we do not make distinctions, we also have a couple of tips for you.

If you open a new tab with no content in Safari, you can click the button “edit”, that appears in the center and bottom of the screen. So we can access a multitude of options such as:

  • show favorites
  • Show Siri Suggestions
  • Show content shared with you
  • Show frequently visited sites
  • Show privacy report
  • show reading list
  • Show iCloud tabs
  • Change background image
  • Use the same home page on all devices

My advice is that you deactivate all the options except the one of “show favorites”, and that you change the background of Safari to one that suits your tastes and needs.

Options on open tabs

If you go to the tab switcher and have one or more of them open, you can make a long press on it, and an options selector will open. Once this pop-up is invoked, we will have access to a series of functionalities that will be tremendously useful:

  • Pin the tab
  • Move to a tab group
  • organize tabs
  • close tab
  • Close all tabs

In this way we will be able to manage the huge amount of content that appears in Safari much more easily.

Set reading mode automatically

There are many websites, such as Actualidad iPhone, that allow us to start a reading mode that will facilitate access to the content that is being displayed. You know, for this we simply have to click on the “A” icon that appears next to the Safari search bar.

What you might not know is that you can configure a specific website so that it always shows us the same one in reading mode automatically. To do this, make a long press on the icon «A», choose the option “website settings” and customize your experience quickly.

And these are the tips that we have brought you today so that you can get the most out of Safari on your iPhone or iPad, if you have more and want to share them with the community, leave them in the comment box.