These are the three iPhone keyboard tricks that have changed the way I use my phone

The messaging apps and social networks occupy a large part of our time. In all of them we exchange reactions, messages or comments with our friends or family. Or even with businesses in which we are interested in purchasing or initiatives about which we want to know more information.

Although the use of audio has been extended considerably, they are not always valid for every situation. This is why it is always important to find the best formula to be much more agile with the keyboard. And, in this case, the keyboard of our iPhone has a lot to offer us. I have put together the three tricks that I use in my daily life and that allow me to interact with my device while minimizing the time spent on it.

Space as a trackpad

This is, in all likelihood, the functionality that more use on iOS keyboard. When we have to correct a word, we do not always manage to get the exact letter right in which we must place the cursor. If we are not precise, we will probably have to make several touches until we find the exact position of the error in question. Luckily, on iOS we can make use of the space bar as if it were a trackpad on a computer. Using it is extremely simple.

Once we have detected the error, we must hold down the space bar and, without lifting your finger, place the cursor at the exact point where we want to stop. We can move in all directions and, once we stop pressing the bar, the keyboard will return to its original state. A very useful resource to make corrections in the shortest time possible.

Text replacement

iOS comes by default with an option that can help us save a lot of time if we have it configured well. It is “Text Replacement” and is located within the keyboard settings.

Configuring it is very simple, when we get to it, we must click on the “+” button located in the upper right corner. In the ”quick function” section we enter, for example, “mail” and in the phrase area we enter our full email address. From that moment on, every time we type “mail” it will automatically be replaced by our full email address.

We can use it to assign commands to specific concepts: our name, home address, ID, date of birth, etc. But also for those words that we always tend to write wrong because we do not press the keyboard correctly and we want it to be automatically replaced by the correct word. A very simple shortcut, but extremely useful.

In case of error

Usually, I use the keyboard numbers when I am writing a message in very specific situations: a zip code, a phone number, a street number, etc. Due to lack of habit, it is common for us to make more mistakes when entering numbers than letters.

If this is also your case, you should know that if you realize right at the moment of clicking on the number that you have made the wrong number, it is enough to drag your finger to the correct number to avoid a wrong press. If we are quick in doing so, it will not be necessary for us to delete the wrong number and, later, enter the correct one.

We click on the wrong number, We slide to the correct number, and the last number we pressed will be entered. Although, yes, it is important to be quick when performing this action. If it takes longer than necessary, we will have to delete the number and proceed to enter it again.