These are the tricks that I have implemented to extend the battery of all my Apple products

The advantages that OLED panels have over LCD panels is that, when the dark mode is activated, the pixel turns off, obtaining a small battery saving. However, in LCD panels the battery saving will be less.

We can optimize this procedure a little more, if we go to the Automatic section < we determine if we want the light mode to be activated until nightfall, at which point switching to dark mode so that we can protect our eyesight a little. We can also set a predetermined schedule.


The choice of wallpaper is a very personal choice that indirectly reflects something of our being. However, there are very colorful wallpapers with animations that drain the battery of our devices.

For this reason, it is always advisable to choose one of the default backgrounds that Apple uses in each of its operating systems, since they are backgrounds that have greater symbiosis with the entire device and optimize the panel resources. The Mac M3 Pro backgrounds are colored, to consume less battery, or the iPad wallpapers also look for a strong color in the center but with a completely black background.

If we activate dark mode in third-party applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp and even Instagram, the battery savings can be considerable not on a day-to-day basis, but in the reduction of battery cycles that are key to a good user experience.

Wifi Settings

It is common that when we leave our house to go to work or to a coworking area to get to work, we do not deactivate the Wi-Fi. Even though data consumption is automatically activated, the Wi-Fi network continues to search for other connections in order to use this connection and not use the data rate.

This does not mean excessive battery consumption, unless you spend the entire day outside your home. However, sometimes the “Access point connection” option appears active and is located in Settings < Wi-Fi < Connection to access points. The functionality of this option is that, if we have a known Wi-Fi network or that we can connect to, a pop-up appears asking us to enter a username and password. Despite being somewhat annoying because it will appear regularly, the deterioration of the battery in this case is considerable.

Do you need 5G?

iPhone 12 mini with 5G

Since the iPhone 12, all Apple devices have 5G. However, it is possible that in mountain or rural areas the connection has not arrived with the same power and fluidity as it does in large cities.

If this is the case, it is advisable to disable the Wifi option because you will have a constant wear and tear process in the background. To deactivate it, we have to go to Settings < Mobile data < options < voice and data. By default, 5G activated appears, although we can select 5G activated and 4G.

In conclusion, we can use these savings and management strategies in almost all of the North American company's products, improving our knowledge of software and resource management. And you, do you know any other tricks to save battery?