These are the types of iOS betas that Apple officially has

If you want to install operating system betas and you don’t know how to do it, and what types exist, In this post we will give you all the details.. In the same way, we are going to explain the risks that having a system that is still in the testing phase could entail.

A beta is not a complete operating system

iOS beta versions are operating systems that are still under development. And this implies that we are going to be before a version full of failures and errors that must be corrected. Before Apple releases the final versions, there is always a window period in which tests are carried out with everything that has to do with iPhones: from optimization with different models and sizes, correct operation with applications and everything that has to do with stability and performance.

The operating systems in beta phase, in addition, go through different phases of development. The first ones are the ones that present the most errors and security flaws. As they are fixed, they are re-released with the major bugs already fixed. And if we take all these elements into account, installing an iOS beta can put our iPhone at risk.

The proper functioning of the phone does not only go through the software. But this will directly affect the hardware, if the right conditions are met. In this case, if the system is not working properly and is not optimized, it can overheat the whole phone, since the processor will be doing more processes than it normally would. An overheating of the iPhone not only slows it down, but it can also affect other components such as the battery.

In the same way, the stability of the system also affects our files and personal data. Being a trial version, our information will not be in a secure environment, in the same way as the files we have saved. That is why it is very important to always make a backup when installing a beta version of iOS.

These are the types of iOS beta that Apple has

Although Apple has two types of beta versions, neither of them is without risk. The only thing that changes is the approach with which they have been launched. The first one is the developer beta. These system versions can be obtained through an Apple developer account. These are paid, and the versions that we are going to obtain are designed to shed all kinds of bugs and so that developers can optimize the operation of their applications to the new version of the system.


On the other hand, there are public betas. In this case, they are versions that Apple itself launches for all users who want to take test versions and send their comments, so that the improvements can be implemented in the errors that have been detected. These can be obtained if we install the official Apple beta profile.