These are the widgets I am using on my MacBook Pro with Sonoma

Next, I want to explain to you which widgets I am using on my MacBook Pro M3 and how they have improved my productivity and my daily life.

Six essential widgets that I use on my MacBook Pro

Before starting, if you don't know How to add widgets to your Mac desktop, we recommend that you take a look at this article where we explain how to do it step by step.

Always aware of the battery of all my accessories

One of the first widgets I added to my home screen was the battery widget. This tool shows the real-time battery status of my MacBook Pro and the rest of the devices or accessories connected to the Mac. This allows me to know how much power I have left before I need to charge it again. I also keep up to date with the battery status of the mouse, mechanical keyboard, trackpad or other accessories.

weather widget

The weather widget is another must-have on my desktop. This way I can view the weather forecasts for my current location and for other places I may be interested in following. Thanks to this widget, I can get an idea of ​​how cold it is outside before I plan to go out for coffee, for example. It also shows me information about the forecasts for the next few days. So if I'm planning a trip for the weekend, for example, at a glance I can see what the weather will be like those days.

Duolingo always maintaining motivation

I've been on a 55-day streak of learning Finnish on Duolingo. The Duolingo widget is a great addition to my desktop on Mac because it lets me see my streak and alerts me if I haven't completed a class yet that day, so it's hard to skip a day of practice. This motivates me to continue improving my language skills and maintain a consistent language study routine, even on the days when I am busiest.

Notion Calendar, the definitive calendar widget for me

Time management is very important to stay productive and organized, and the Notion Calendar widget helps me a lot in this regard. This widget allows me to quickly see my upcoming appointments, meetings, and to-dos right from the home screen. What I like the most is that it maintains the aesthetics of Apple's calendar, including the most colorful part that characterizes Google Calendar. Plus, I can easily add new appointments and events without having to open the Notion app. This saves time and helps me stay on top of my daily schedule.

Up to date with my physical condition with Gentler Streak

A few months ago I started using the Gentler Streak application. It is a fitness application that allows me to see my physical condition to know if it is a good day to go out and train, or on the contrary, I need a rest. The widget in this app is quite simple but it helps me stay motivated just by having it on the screen. It simply tells me if it is a good day to train or if I should rest.

widgets on MacBook Pro with macOS Sonoma

Control habits from the Mac desktop

Last but not least, the Patterns widget is one of my favorites. This widget shows me a summary of the last week and a half along with the habits entered in the app. Each day that I have completed a habit is shown with a colored square. It's great to have this widget on my Mac desktop because it serves as a reminder to go to the gym, go for a run, schedule a little each day, or not forget to do certain mobility routines.

In summary, the widgets in macOS Sonoma They are great not only for personalizing your Mac desktop, but also for adding functionality to the applications they are about.