These HomeKit accessories work great with your iPhone

If you are looking for HomeKit compatible accessories, beyond the classic smart bulbs or plugs, in this post we bring you a very interesting selection. And yes, they are compatible with the Apple ecosystem, so if you have an iPhone, you will be able to expand the functionality of your phone, so that it is the main element with which you interact at home.

Control lights beyond bulbs

It is true that smart bulbs are one of the most popular connected accessories. However, they may have certain limitations. The first of these is that what turns off and on is not the current, but the bulb itself. And if we want to use traditional light bulbs and want to control them with Siri, we won’t be able to do that unless we use a smart switch.

These switches are coupled to the electrical installation, right where we have our current switches. In this way, it does not matter if we use smart or traditional light bulbs. They will all turn off or on with Siri, thanks to the fact that the switch itself will be connected to the power line and, also, to the assistants that we have at home. Just as there are switches, there are also smart switches. These are installed behind the switches that we already have, to be able to control, through Siri or our iPhone, different fucking lights from the same place.

Hey Siri, open the curtains

Curtains? Yes, you read it right. Although this type of accessory is not very common, the truth is that they are already beginning to rear their heads. And it is that heThe curtains can now be opened without you having to touch them. Siri will do it for you. And if you have an iPhone, you can open or close them with the press of a button, or invoke a command. And how is it possible? Thanks to the fact that they are intelligent motors that connect to Siri and, when we ask the curtains to open, this motor starts to rotate to move the curtain along the rail.

home kit curtains

Thus, the smart home ecosystem is beginning to be present in elements that, a few years ago, few of us could have imagined. And yes, we know that they are only curtains. But little by little we are already seeing how more elements of our house become “smart”.

Your house and your iPhone save energy

Whether you have air conditioning, a boiler, or underfloor heating, you can also control everything with Siri, your iPhone and HomeKit. Thanks to these smart thermostats, you will not only make your home save energy. But you’ll also be able to see how much you’re consuming, and you can regulate the temperature just by asking Siri.

homekit thermostats

Keep in mind that, as these are three different types of installations, they require individual thermostats (at least for now). So whatever system you have at home, you’re going to have an option to control it with your phone. These thermostats are attached to the electrical installation and, before buying one of these, you must make sure that the manufacturer allows compatibility with this type of accessory.