These iPhone 14 wallpapers will leave you speechless

If you have an iPhone 14, well, and any model that adapts to iOS 16, you will have noticed that now the customization of the terminal is more extensive and is much better. But really you may be missing something. One of the most important things, and one in which we spend a lot of time, is finding a wallpaper that we like and that motivates us. You can choose from family, sports, sunsets or whatever you want, but really the one that will be ideal for you is the new one created by Apple Guy. You will put it immediately: The iPhone 14 in amazingly detailed and layered schematics of the iPhone 14.

Apple Guy, experts in design and in launching some great special wallpapers for Apple devices, have just uploaded in different links, some new wallpapers that we are in love with. If you want to see the iPhone inside at all times, You just have to download these images to hallucinate and also as they say: in colors. Incredibly detailed and layered iPhone 14 schematic wallpapers.

Those schematic details of the iPhone in images have been released, for the models iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This project started on September 21, just a few days after the iPhone 14 was made available to the public and the teardown started coming out. The photos published by iFixit were indispensable in this project.

Here you can download the wallpapers:

Blue: iPhone 14| iPhone 14 Plus

Purple: iPhone 14| iPhone 14Plus

Midnight: iPhone 14| iPhone 14Plus

Star light: iPhone 14| iPhone 14Plus

Product (RED): iPhone 14| iPhone 14Plus

RAW: iPhone 14| iPhone 14Plus

In addition, in the entry of the designers’ website, it is explained in detail how they have made the wallpapers. It is very interesting to be able to read how they have been working and how they have detailed it to an impressive extent.