These keyboards are cheaper than the new iPad 10

The 10th generation iPad, also called the student iPad or cheap iPad, has arrived on the market accompanied by a special keyboard that Apple has presented and launched especially for it, the Magic Keyboard Folio. However, this is quite expensive for an iPad that is theoretically of the entry range. Therefore, in this post we are going to talk about two much cheaper alternatives.

Logitech and its keyboards for the iPad

One of the brands that cares the most for iPad users, beyond Apple, obviously, is Logitech. From alternatives for the Apple Pencil to its popular keyboards that so much competition ends up making the officers of the Cupertino company. Although it is true that on an aesthetic level they do not offer the same experience as Apple, on a functional level they are totally comparable and even, in some cases, superior.

For this new 10th generation iPad you have up to two different options, on the one hand there is the Logitech ComboTouch, a keyboard already recognized at Logitech but now also adapted to this iPad model. Its sale is not yet available, since it will be released on November 27. Aesthetically it is nailed to Apple, it has a trackpad that will be great for all users of this equipment and that will allow it to be used practically as a computer. It is also a keyboard divided into two parts, so you can use the back as a “cover” individually and connect the keyboard whenever you need it. Its price is 189 eurosthat is, well below Apple’s Magic Keyboard Folio.

On the other hand, for those users who do not really need to have a trackpad on the keyboard, they have the Logitech Slim Folio which is the most economical and also trimmed option of this company. In this case, it does not have a trackpad, which is the main culprit for its price to drop to 119 euros. However, in the same way that it happened with his older brother, this keyboard is not available until November 27, but you can buy both in pre-sale to receive them as soon as possible.

Are they better than the Magic Keyboard Folio?

This is the question that many users may ask themselves if they are really in the dilemma of having to choose the best keyboard for their new 10th generation iPad. The truth is that everything will depend on your needs, because if having a trackpad is not really important to you, it is clear that the best option is the Logitech Slim Folio.


Now, in case you do want to use the iPad “as a computer”, the differences between Apple’s and Logitech’s are rather few, in fact, Logitech’s Combo Touch has its backlit keys, so if you add this to the price difference that exists between the two, which is more than 100 euros, it will surely result in the fact that acquiring the Logitech one is the best option you can take. Of course, we emphasize again, the two Logitech keyboards are in pre-sale, since they do not go on the market until November 27.