These new leaks of the Apple Watch 10 and Ultra have left me stunned

Before delving fully into this article, it is important to highlight that next year will mark 10 years since the launch of the first Apple Watch and Apple wants to carry out a revolution similar to the one that took place with the iPhone X in 2017.

Apple Watch with MicroLED display

For several years, Apple was developing the possibility of being able include micro-LED screen on your Apple Watch. According to public analyst Jeff Pu, who indicated that Apple would lower the prices of the iPhone 15, he has said in his latest report that Apple wants to include micro-LED technology in 2025, that is, for the eleventh generation Apple Watch.

Jeff Pu who has access to the Apple supply chain sources, mentions in its report that Apple would be exploring and analyzing the results that Apple Watches with micro-LED technology are obtaining, especially thinking about the advantages that this technology offers, especially in relation to greater transparency, greater color saturation, Better viewing angles, higher brightness, lower power consumption and longer lifespan. However, this comes at a high cost.

In relation to the previous paragraph, if Apple decides to introduce this technology in its Apple Watch we will have a cost increaseSince Micro-LED displays are much more expensive than LCD, OLED or even mini-LED displays (which Apple currently uses in the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro). Because of this, it is possible that Apple will only add this technology to the Apple Watch Ultra, a device that has a very high price that will be definitively standardized at 1,000 euros.

New design for the Apple Watch series 9

As has been rumored for the last two years, Apple is working on an iMajor redesign for the 10th generation Apple Watcha moment that marks 10 years since the launch of the last Apple Watch and which seeks to revolutionize the Watch market in the same way as was done in 2017 with the iPhone X.

At the moment, we only have some renders of what it will be like in this new generation, but we do not have any visual confirmation about this devicebut it is known that it will abandon this design, which is not obsolete, but you feel the sensation that we have had the same product on your wrist for too many years.

According to a report published by Bloombergthe Apple Watch series thin and light and will include a new magnetic system for connecting and exchanging bands, as well as new health-focused sensors and better hardware.

In conclusion, it is important to highlight that we are in the month of November and that although rumors and leaks are going to emerge little by little, it still gives practically a year for the launch of the new Apple Watch that will mark a before and after due to the launch of the tenth generation and that hopes that its changes are on par with the iPhone X and what it represented at the time of its launch.